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The Case For Dismissal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans a speedy impeachment trial that rapidly acquits President Donald Trump of the two charges brought by the House. But why even have the trial? If the Republican-controlled Senate took a vote to dismiss the articles of impeachment, the country could move on. More from Bill Whittle, along with Scott Ott and Steve Green.

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Democrats Impeachment Is A Kamikaze Against Trump, It PROVES He Already Won And Democrats Know It. With nearly every moderate Democrat coming out in support of impeachment, we are left wondering why they would take an action that is unpopular in their district if impeachment is guaranteed to fail anyway?

The reality is that Democrats know they are going to lose and they have decided to stage a final kamikaze against Trump and the Republicans.

Under Trump auto manufacturing has returned to Detroit, we are living in the longest economic expansion in US history, unemployment is down, wages are up, and the Democrats are out of arguments.

Facing a guaranteed defeat in 2020, Democrats have decided to do whatever they can in a last ditch effort to hurt Republicans and Trump.

It won’t work, it will backfire. But they don’t care. If they stop now they will have nothing to say except “Trump won.” More from Tim Pool.

New poll after new poll are showing growing public opposition to the Democrats’ impeachment drive. Only the Democrats want it. Not only are Republican voters soundly opposed, but so are independents. Only 36 percent of independents favor impeachment while 58 percent are against the proceedings. In other words, the Democrats horribly miscalculated their level of public backing in launching this impeachment. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Impeachment is already backfiring on the Democrats. This is what happens when you disregard the American people and tell them their votes don’t matter. More from Zeducation.

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