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Herd Immunity By April

With cases of COVID-19 down and vaccinations in full swing, many think we’ll reach herd immunity sometime in April. Stephen Green of the “Right Angle” triumvirate, says a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that COVID cases nationwide are down almost 70 percent in the last six weeks (ending two weeks ago) and cases have further declined since.

The article goes on to state that testing has only been able to capture between 10 to 25 percent of infections, depending on when one contracted the virus. Applying some time-weighted math to the 28 million confirmed coronavirus cases, points to 55 percent of Americans with natural immunity, though well short of the 85 percent needed for herd immunity. But hold on. As of two weeks ago, 15 percent of Americans have been vaccinated and that number is growing. And furthermore, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says 250 million vaccine doses will be delivered to Americans by the end of March, which should bring us to herd immunity. Bill Whittle and Scott Ott join Green for their analyses of the issue.

Free Market Economy In Cuba

Cuba is slowly reforming its economy, basically because the Soviet Union sugar daddy has been gone for years. And you just can’t run an economy without some outside source of income.

The Cuban government just relaxed its ban on some 2,000 private sector jobs, opening the economy for more free market activity. This, as the Communist party prepares to bid adios to Raul Castro, who inherited the country’s leadership from his brother, Fidel. Is the multi-generational U.S. embargo finally paying off? Will the people of Cuba finally enjoy the sweet song of liberty? Get the lowdown from the “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle.

Biden Enraged With Newsom

President Biden is mad as hell at California Gov. Gavin Newsom for easing COVID-19 restrictions in California at the peak of the pandemic. Trending on Twitter was a tweet from a reliable source that says there’s “steam coming out” of Biden’s ears in rage because of Newsom lifting stay-at-home orders in California, adding he only did it out of re-election fears. Newsom also is in the eye of a Golden State storm, as voters have mounted a serious challenge to recall the governor.

Could the Democrats already be turning on each other? The “Right Angle” trio of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss the breaking news.

A New Internet On The Way

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, is sick of how Big Tech and social media companies have corrupted his child. And most disgusting for Berners-Lee, is the recent and unecessary eruption of censorship.

He’s building a brand new version of the internet, where you are in control of all your personal data, far away from the sinister fingers of manipulative corporations, such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter. The “Right Angle” triumvirate of Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott give their impressions of the new revelation.

Politics And The Pandemic

We have seen public trust absolutely shatter since the onset of the Wuhan Flu Pandemic almost 10 months ago. Allegations are abound that politicians and scientists hid their suspicions about the origins of COVID-19 to avoid giving credence to President Trump’s declarations that the virus did in fact originate from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Rational authority will tell you that when it comes to fighting a pandemic, or any other health issue, public trust is really the only thing they have to fight back. And when that trust is shattered, it’s extremely difficult to get it back. But shattered it was by self-serving public officials in Communist China who unabashedly released the virus on the world. Right Angle moderator Stephen Green is joined by Bill Whittle and Scott Ott to debate the issue.

Chuck Yeager Has Flown West

Legendary aircraft test pilot Chuck Yeager, who became the first to break the sound barrier, died this week at 97. In aviation parlance, says fellow pilot and political commentator Bill Whittle, Chuck Yeager has flown west.

Whittle joins Scott Ott and Stephen Green on this episode of “Right Angle” to reflect on this iconic American aviation figure, who clearly had the right stuff.

Are Former Felons Still Citizens?

Federal agents raided rapper Lil Wayne’s plane at Miami Opa Locka Airport, finding a gold-plated gun and some ammo, according to TMZ. Born Dwayne Carter, the popular performer now faces 10 years in prison because of a 2009 felony conviction, which meant he lost his Second Amendment protections forever.

We used to say that a court sentence was how a man pays his debt to society. Now, a man can never pay that debt. So are we no longer the land of second chances? “Right Angle” panel member Scott Ott says, “Call me a 2nd Amendment purist, but I don’t think it should be illegal to own a gun. If I’m not in the penitentiary and I own a gun, that should not be illegal. I’m going to go even further on this. Not only do I not feel we should refer to somebody who has paid their debt to society as a felon, or even as a former felon, I don’t think it should be on a record that anybody can access.”

Ott continues his thoughts with fellow panel members Bill Whittle and Stephen Green on this installment of “Right Angle” on the Bill Whittle Channel.

The Great Facemask Debate

A recent article in Nature Medicine proclaimed that simply wearing facemasks today in the COVID-19 era will save 130,000 lives by February, an outlandish statement that was immediately discredited by many, including economist Phillip Magness.

Penning an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, Magness says the mandate won’t save 130,000 lives because the vast majority of Americans are already wearing masks. And this revelation comes on the heels of Joe Biden saying he would impose a national mask mandate should he become President. Bad data in the medical journal’s seminal study is fueling the push, inferring that less than 50 percent of Americans today wear masks, when in fact more than 80 percent wear them, despite President Trump’s somewhat cavalier attitude toward face coverings. In other words, don’t tell us to do what we’re already doing.

Says political commentator Bill Whittle, the reason people are wearing more masks than the medical journal assumed is because they are making common sense assumptions. “This entire lockdown and all of the panic was predicated on one computer model by one guy at Oxford University. And that model predicted two and one-half million Americans dead on the basis of an infection rate of 85, 89 percent of the population, when the flu pandemic of 1919 was around 22 percent and Swine Flu a couple of years ago was 26 percent. So the entire planet, including the United States, got locked down on the basis of one computer model from one guy, whose initial statement was four orders of magnitude out of place.” Here’s more with Whittle and moderator Scott Ott.

All Aboard The Trump Train

While Sleepy Joe Biden campaigns to crowds that you can literally count on your fingers and toes and Donald Trump still courting thousands, are there still undecided voters to convert for the President as election day approaches?

The consensus on the “Right Angle” panel of Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green says that there are several segments of the electorate to target, such as Evangelicals who bristle at his manners but love his court nominees, Jews who bridle at his attacks on liberals and the media, but love his embrace of Israel or undecided Latino women and Black men.

Says Ott, “It has been my ongoing conviction that most people have not rejected conservative ideas, they’ve never heard them. And don’t expect the mainstream media to be introducing those ideas as one of two viable options for you to believe.” Here’s more analysis on the Bill Whittle Channel.

Moderators Or Swamp Things?

The Commission on Presidential Debates membership reads like a Who’s Who of ancient moderate Republicans, doddering Liberal Democrats and George Soros’ pals friendly with the Chinese Communist Party. Says “Right Angle” moderator Stephen Green, “If they hold another debate, it should be in The Swamp!”

A deeper look at the commission indeed exposes a panel of street activists and Swamp Things. Take Antonia Hernandez, president and CEO of the California Community Foundation, who’s also affiliated with a Soros group that promises street fights to secure a victory for the Democrats and Joe Biden. That’s not all. She’s also linked to the Chinese Communist Party, whose main goal nowadays is to upend our country.

Also among Hernandez’s Swamp buddies on the commission include former Missouri Sen. John Danforth, probably the most RINO Republican if  there was ever a Republican in name only; former ABC News anchor Charles Gibson, not a friend of the GOP; former California State Sen. Olympia Snow, whose picture is in the dictionary next to RINO; and longtime Democrat Newton N. Minow, 94, who served in the JFK Administration.

“I think a bigger issue than the fact that the Commission on Presidential Debates has a number of Communists and street agitators, I think the better question is why do we continue to let these people moderate these debates?” says Bill Whittle. In the following episode of “Right Angle,” Green introduces us to more Swamp creatures and is joined by Whittle and Scott Ott to dissect the dilemma and offer solutions.

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