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The Climate Change Sham

The new mantra from the global warming alarmists: The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change. But more than likely, when that time is up, alarmists will add another dozen years, and 12 more after that.

It’s a never-ending proclamation of prolonging myths and impending doom. The truth is, the planet has warmed up 1 degree celsius since 1900 and life expectancy has doubled in industrialized democracies. Like most narratives on the left, the climate change myth is really a power grab, the Deep State’s reach for total control.

In what was supposed to be a global warming debate between alarmists and deniers, sponsored by the Heartland Institute and moderated by consumer advocate John Stossel, the alarmists failed to show up. Tune in as the panel totally discredits the sham that is global warming on the John Stossel Channel.

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