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Our Weather Is Being Altered

In a freaky statement, President Biden announced that extreme weather will cost the U.S. well over $100 billion this year. So is Sleepy Joe a meteorologist now? How could this sudden transition from politico to forecaster be possible, when he has trouble dealing with matters in real time?

It turns out, Biden’s Deep State buddies have been tinkering with the weather–on purpose–to give the administration an excuse to frivolously spend more money on climate change. Rosalind Peterson, California president and co-founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, testified at the United Nations that the public has been in the dark about geo-engineering schemes and plans to modify the weather, especially in our Western states.

Says Peterson, “A small click of geo-engineers have decided that the answer to our global-warming problem is to release particles and chemicals into the atmosphere.” She says one of the sinister things this group has done is keep the voices of opposition to their work off the record. In other words, they have all the answers and the public be damned. Riss Flex brings us more.

Global Warming

The number one threat to our military is global warming. It’s time we do something about it. More from Tiberius Maximus.

Manufacturing Drought!

The WATER WARS have begun: The state is simply turning off the water to farms & ranches, depriving them of water needed to grow food and raise animals. This will create food shortages by design, in order to then point at the massive problem and declare, “It’s global warming! We NEED climate lockdowns! We MUST move to absolute zero carbon emissions! We HAVE to take away private ownership of cars! You HAVE to eat fake meat and move to a post-animal economy!”

The story is the same across the nation, and indeed the world. But who is behind these WATER WARS? Christian Westbrook explores the WEF’s “Global Water Initiative,” an agenda to centralize and privatize control over the world’s water supply, and how these engineered droughts are the lynchpin in the climate agenda and the takeover of food. More from the Ice Age Farmer.

The Mission Is Just Beginning

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now doing exactly what the Patriots want. The mission is about to begin. The plan is moving forward. The last four years was about changing everything: Waking people up, putting a plan in place to protect the country. The storm is coming and it will hit the [Deep State]/Mainstream Media when they least expect it. [Hillary Rodham Clinton] sends out comms. Is something big about to happen? More from the X22 Report.

Did the GOP betray the American people? Who’s actually in control? Are we headed for another crisis? More from JustInformed Talk.

Rumble advertises itself as a free-speech alternative to YouTube. But Jordan Sather says Rumble has been modifying his videos that pertain to the Q movement. Here, he shows how the meddling censorship is done. Unlike his other videos posted on Rumble, those pertaining to the Q movement do not show a view count. And the embed button has been removed from all of them, meaning they can’t be embedded on Facebook or other platforms and websites. The moral of the story: Rumble might be an improvement over YouTube. But it’s only marginally so. We prefer Bitchute, even if it’s occasionally wonky.

Liberals Have Tainted America

How much longer will Americans sit still for liberal corruption in our institutions? Take the Left-leaning Commission on Presidential Debates. Says Newsmax anchor Chris Salcedo, “Since we only deal with the Commission every four years, that’s probably why we weren’t focused on its malfeasance on entities that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, like the Democrat Socialist Party or the FBI or CIA leadership.”

Tonight’s third debate between President Trump and Joe Biden should traditionally focus on national security, but it’s obvious the Commission won’t touch the topic. Why? Because Biden sucks on foreign  policy. President Obama’s own Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, shared his view that Beijing Biden was wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

Instead, expect the focus to center around topics, such as man-made global warming to appease the Left. That is, of course, if President Trump doesn’t sneak in a few choice words on foreign policy and Biden family corruption. Here’s more from Salcedo, who takes on FBI Director Christopher Wray and uber liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren on Newsmax TV.

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Patriots Forced Deep State Hand

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have been positioned for the trap of traps. The patriots forced the [DS] hand early. The evidence is now out that the fires are not naturally occurring. The setup is almost complete for this election. People are now understanding who the true enemy is and this is the [Deep State’s] worst nightmare. A country united is a strong country and it allows the people to come together to understand who the true enemy is. Ready for red October. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump to Biden: Time for me to get vicious! The two injured Los Angeles transit deputies survive surgery! Trump is starting to pull away, attracting much higher levels of support from blacks as well as Latinos. Soon, the Democrats will have nowhere left to turn, except their Far Left radical fringe. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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Why are insurgents allowed to terrorize the public? To what extent are the terrorists wings of the Democratic Party? Does the money to support Antifa and Black Lives Matter come from China or from clandestine sources, like the CIA? More from JustInformed Talk.

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It’s time to harvest the corn! And to stop the terrorist insurrection being run by the surrogate Marxist radicals, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, fronting for the morally depraved Democratic Party. The gloves are off! We have another Q-drop, full of examples showing Antifa’s roots, its training missions in Syria and its connections with Isis. More from McAllister TV.

Some Leftists have floated the myth that the Pacific Coast wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington are a consequence of global warming. Balderdash! Leftist arsonists are igniting these fires. Jordan Sather lives in the Pacific Northwest and he has plenty to say about these sociopaths. He says they are trying to burn the country down. Needless to say, they’ve done enough damage. More than enough. Now, it’s time to round up these fiends!

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Lewis Hamilton Is An Idiot

He’s got a huge collection of super cars. He careens around in speed boats with roaring engines. He drives for Mercedes, which just paid a monster fine for cheating on its carbon emissions. Yet Lewis Hamilton wants to lecture all of us about ruining the environment and causing global warming. Is he an idiot or does he merely need a self-awareness check? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Trump Keeps On Winning

Coronavirus is bad. Global warming is fake. And Trump keeps on winning. Let’s get an update on the daily news from Dustin Nemos.

JustInformed Talk discusses the secret plot to destroy America from within.


How Dare You

Naomi Seibt, the anti-Greta climate “denier” from Germany, issues a message to the media. Seibt, who is 19, believes the global warming scare is a hoax.  She says, “I’m back and more determined than ever. I will not let slander, defamation and conspiracy theories about myself and my friends take away my courage.

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Youtuber and climate realist Naomi Seibt says she became “passionate” about the topic of climate change after she “looked into the science of both sides of the spectrum” and realized “what climate skeptics say” made “a lot of sense scientifically.”

She “started questioning a lot of mainstream politics” from a young age, and “got a lot of backlash from even friends and family.” She says climate change is a “topic that is very heavily promoted in a very one-sided way in the mainstream media.” More from Sky News Australia.

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Don’t Call It Global Warming

Global warming. Climate change. Climate weirding. Climate emergency. What’s in a name? A lot, apparently. So much so, in fact, that the advertising execs over at Ad Age are openly wondering whether they can “rebrand” climate change so it sounds scarier. Yipee! More from James Corbett.

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