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Royal Family Not Cooperating

Vincent Vendetta’s latest video discusses how the Royal family in Great Britain is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies probing the serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Not acceptable!

Jeffrey Epstein was not merely involved in pedophilia. He and his guests, including Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, engaged in the sexual servitude of children. They were trafficked. They were kept chained in basement laboratories and cells. They were subjected to gross labor as if they were slaves.

As far as we’re concerned, Prince Andrew should come clean. We’ve put up with his intransigence as long as we should. If he cannot apologize for his gross behavior and provide information to arrest his cohorts in crime, he should be hung by the neck in a public square. Pedophilia is not to be condoned, whether it’s a lowly janitor or an alleged prince who’s behind the travesty.

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On Thursday, as we reported earlier, a huge data dump took place involving the original arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on pedophilia charges in Palm Beach, Florida. Among the documents was a full video account of Epstein’s arrest. More from Jason Bermas.

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Eleanor Berry, author of a book on Robert Maxwell, reads from a chapter called “The Whipping of Ghislaine.” This revolves around a whipping that Ghislaine endured when she was being punished for allowing a horse to wander upon the tennis court at the family home. Berry is the daughter of Michael Berry, who owned  The Daily Telegraph, a rival newspaper to Robert Maxwell’s The Mirror.

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We close with a report from Jamie Dlux on Harvey Weinstein’s mangina! That’s right. Testimony in Weinstein’s rape trial from credible witnesses indicates he might not have a visible ball sac, but does have both a penis and a vagina. Now that’s bizarre, but this is a big Hollywood figure, so it’s not really beyond the spectrum of belief.



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