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Globalist Science

Seven minutes of original intro, then a rerun of a video I uploaded in July 2020 about the Post WW2 frenzy to gain control of science via control of journals. Topics discussed include Robert Maxwell’s science journals, cybernetics and China. More from Amazing Polly.

Justice For Maxwell Unlikely

Author and TV host Jay Dyer, whose work focuses on geopolitics, culture and film, tells Shaun Attwood that it’s unlikely there will be any justice in the Ghislaine Maxwell child sex trafficking case. Though, he says, there’s a strong possibility she will be suicided.

Dyer, who also specializes in decoding Hollywood politics and culture, is almost certain Jeffrey Epstein was suicided and vehemently disagrees with Lin Wood’s assumption that he is still with us. In the following video, he also discusses Epstein’s connection to the KGB and his transformation from modest means into the sinister world of pedophilia, a model he borrowed from Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, whom Dyer called the “Epstein of the Cold War.”


What Motivated Ghislaine?

The question that has baffled authorities for years is what motivated Ghislaine Maxwell to procure for convicted sex trafficker and now allegedly diseased Jeffrey Epstein? British investigative journalist John Sweeney says the answer lies deeply in the psyches of both of these troubled players.

Sweeney says that when a former Vanity Fair reporter interviewed Epstein at his Manhattan mansion, she noticed only one book on the shelf and it’s Marquis de Sade, the French writer known for his violent sexual fantasies. The reporter also noted the walls were decorated with creepy glass eyes, originally made for injured British soldiers during World War I. When authorities raided his palatial home in Palm Beach, Fla., they discovered an Amazon receipt for three books on sadomasochism. Sweeney says there’s sufficient evidence that Epstein was into sadomasochism, though of a more psychological than physical nature.

Harken back to British billionaire Robert Maxwell and you’ll discover the same skullduggery–fraudster and consummate liar who led a life of thievery and deception. So what was Ghislaine’s motivation to hook up with Epstein? Says Sweeney, “When her father dies, Ghislaine loses one monster. She goes to Manhattan and finds another.” Here’s more detail with Sweeney and Shaun Attwood.

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Triggered By Childhood Trauma

Were Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell unwittingly drawn to each other through traumatic abuse during their childhoods? Appearing on the Shaun Attwood podcast, Richard Brannon, a life coach and psychologist based in the United Kingdom, believes it’s almost certainly a possibility.

Attwood says that in an earlier interview with British investigative journalist John Sweeney, he learned that Maxwell grew up in fear of her dominant father, Robert Maxwell, a giant in British media and a suspected spy, who dealt out corporal punishment for her misdeeds. Sweeney says that when Father Maxwell was disciplining her, she had a choice of belts with which she was going to get whipped. Books were found by authorities on the Maxwell property, such as Story Of O, an erotic French novel, and a BDSM-type manual (a variety of erotic practices involving bondage, submission and sadomasochism). Sweeney’s thoughts were this BDSM streak was laid down as part of the corporal punishment.

As for Epstein, the details of his childhood are foggy. Brannon says, “Things will have happened to him in his childhood, I’m sure, that would have activated parts of him that would have otherwise lain dormant and turned him into the monster that he became.” He added that these stories reminded him of similar abuse Michael Jackson suffered at the hands of his father.

Here more’s with Attwood and Brannon, who also deepen their analysis, discussing whether two people with the same psychopathic and narcissistic traits actually united their energies to create such evil.


Will CIA Protect Maxwell?

The Ghislaine Maxwell case is much bigger than just sexual abuse and child trafficking. It’s about espionage, money laundering and ties with world leaders, drug cartel bosses and intelligence agencies worldwide, especially through connections with her late father, Robert Maxwell, a suspected spy and fraudster.

Speaking to Shaun Attwood, French investigative blogger Fred Ponton says Ghislaine Maxwell is definitely one of the “big fish” authorities were seeking in the massive Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking scandal. He says she’s at a crossroads, as far as her connections with the intelligence community at large. “We’ve seen it on many occasions with such a high-valued target, who possesses a lot of information,” Ponton says. “It’s easy to believe that she’s recorded a lot of the conversations of what was going on in the islands (Little St. James) because she spent so much time with Jeffrey Espstein.”

Because intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, allegedly also have all the info on the case, it boils down to a political decision, says Ponton. Maxwell basically is facing two choices: If she talks, she needs to be protected. If she doesn’t talk, she’s going to do some hard time. Here’s more with Attwood and Ponton.

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Zionist Media Moguls

Billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone is dead. Also, the collapse of the New York Daily News, formerly owned by Robert Maxwell. And let’s not forget Rupert Murdoch. More from Jake Morphonios with the Blackstone Intelligence Network.

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Technofascists Take Over Science

Tracing the Eugenicists’ technofascist takeover from World War 2 until present day by looking at the role of Ghislaine Maxwell’s two leading men: her father Robert Maxwell and her ‘business partner’ Jeffrey Epstein. In the first part, I go through some fascinating history to set the stage, and then I get to more & more recent events to show that SCIENCE was co-opted to direct humanity into our current, near devastating condition. Topics covered: US Army’s “Project RUSTY”, NASA & the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Chinese studies of Population Control, Cybernetics, Wuhan connection and Qian Xeusen, a Chinese mathematician and cyberneticist.¬† More from Amazing Polly.

The Family Of Spies

This video is about the HOUSE OF MAXWELL, starting with patriarch Robert Maxwell, moving on to the Maxwell twins, Christine and Isabel, and ending with the notorious Ghislaine. More from Really Graceful.

Will Maxwell Be Wacked?

Former ecstasy kingpin-turned-author-and-motivational speaker Shaun Attwood tells the Koncrete Channel that recently arrested Ghislaine Maxwell now faces the exact same risks to the elites who suicided Jeffrey Epstein. The big risk, says Attwood, is if Maxwell implicates President Clinton and Prince Andrew in a court trial. “Government agencies have to take action if she says they are having sex with kids” says Attwood. “It can’t get to that? It’s got to be stopped.” He also discusses Maxwell’s connections with the CIA and the untimely death of her billionaire father, Robert Maxwell, also a CIA operative. “When you’re a liability, they take you out,” he says.

In an equally chilling revelation in the second half of the video, Attwood reveals some shocking details on the War on Drugs, implicating George H.W. Bush, Oliver North and President Bill Clinton and their involvement in the Arkansas cocaine runs and the death of pilot Barry Seal.

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Royal Family Not Cooperating

Vincent Vendetta’s latest video discusses how the Royal family in Great Britain is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies probing the serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Not acceptable!

Jeffrey Epstein was not merely involved in pedophilia. He and his guests, including Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, engaged in the sexual servitude of children. They were trafficked. They were kept chained in basement laboratories and cells. They were subjected to gross labor as if they were slaves.

As far as we’re concerned, Prince Andrew should come clean. We’ve put up with his intransigence as long as we should. If he cannot apologize for his gross behavior and provide information to arrest his cohorts in crime, he should be hung by the neck in a public square. Pedophilia is not to be condoned, whether it’s a lowly janitor or an alleged prince who’s behind the travesty.

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On Thursday, as we reported earlier, a huge data dump took place involving the original arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on pedophilia charges in Palm Beach, Florida. Among the documents was a full video account of Epstein’s arrest. More from Jason Bermas.

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Eleanor Berry, author of a book on Robert Maxwell, reads from a chapter called “The Whipping of Ghislaine.” This revolves around a whipping that Ghislaine endured when she was being punished for allowing a horse to wander upon the tennis court at the family home. Berry is the daughter of Michael Berry, who owned¬† The Daily Telegraph, a rival newspaper to Robert Maxwell’s The Mirror.

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We close with a report from Jamie Dlux on Harvey Weinstein’s mangina! That’s right. Testimony in Weinstein’s rape trial from credible witnesses indicates he might not have a visible ball sac, but does have both a penis and a vagina. Now that’s bizarre, but this is a big Hollywood figure, so it’s not really beyond the spectrum of belief.



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