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Sanders Enjoying A Surge

Bernie Sanders is enjoying a surge in popularity, says Styxhexenhammer666, in a new poll analysis of the field of Democratic Presidential candidates. But the question remains: Will Bernie be able to hold onto his base through Super Tuesday or is his popularity now approaching a hard peak to be followed by another dip? It does appear to be turning into a two-horse race between Sanders and the former Vice President Joe Biden.

How each one fares really depends heavily on how long it takes the other candidates to drop out and whether any of those candidates give Sanders or Biden an endorsement. Biden, for instance, could get a significant boost if Pete Buttigieg — currently ranking fifth in the polls — would decide to call it quits, while simultaneously endorsing Biden.

But bear in mind, as everyone knows, never allow a Socialist into your garden. More from William Of Ockham.

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If course, it doesn’t matter one fig if Bernie Sanders is surging. The Democratic Party will turn on a dime to reinsert Hillary Clinton as its Presidential nominee for 2020. Already, there are rules changes occurring to reduce the likelihood of a Sanders victory and to make it easier for Clinton to just slip in, at a late date, to “save” the party. More from H.A. Goodman.

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