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Ukraine Whistleblower Emerges

Activist & whistleblower John Dougan rejoins the program to share his latest whistleblower pursuit. This time he is working with an accounting executive inside Burisma Holdings who has all the documents to prove the illegal activities by powerful players all over the world. This information implicates many Democrat politicians who are hellbent at keeping a lid on this information including the Bidens and many others.

It exposes the money laundering to steal U.S. aid money, kickbacks to politicians, shell companies and off-shore accounts. This is the real deal and, if pursued properly by authorities, would lock up many for years. The whistleblower needs help to gain asylum before exposing all the documents. You can help this cause by donating even $1. Here is the GoFundMe page:

Republicans wasted no time after the acquittal of Donald Trump in the impeachment trial in launching their investigation into Hunter Biden.

This comes only a few days after Senator Lindsey Graham announced that FISA abuse, the Ukrainian whistleblower, Burisma, and the Biden family would be facing investigations.

The outcome is actually surprising as many thought the Republicans would not seek information as to how these repeated Trump scandals keep emerging. Starting with Russiagate then Ukrainegate, it seems like it would not stop.

But now the GOP is pushing back against the Democrats and we may actually get to the bottom of how these fake scandals keep getting pushed up.

Meanwhile, Democrats face another battle as the far left candidates and supporters are seeking to upend the party come the DNC. More from Tim Pool.



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