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Walls Closing In On Bidens

Did you think the Hunter Biden story would disappear? Not quite. New details have emerged in Hunter Biden’s corrupt business circle and there’s growing evidence that Creepy Uncle Joe Biden is indeed “the big guy.”

Liberal Hivemind says the circumstantial evidence is mounting that President Biden has been lying all along about his involvement with Hunter’s business dealings. Newly discovered emails reveal that then Vice-President Biden attended a dinner with Hunter’s business partners around the world, including Russian billionaire Elena Baturina, who transferred $3.5 million to a Delaware firm co-founded by Hunter Biden. At the time the dinner took place, Ukrainian energy company Burisma was paying Hunter more than $83,000 a month to sit on its board. Here’s more with Liberal Hivemind.

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Hunter’s Mac Back In the News

Hunter Biden and his laptop computer are back in the headlines and it isn’t pretty. In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac says that while repairing the Mac, he came across some documents and videos that he felt needed to be turned over to the FBI. The revelation came as the Democrats in Congress were going forward with the first impeachment trial of President Trump regarding Ukraine last January.

Isaac says he discovered some compelling documents that showed a pay-for-play scheme between Biden and his business dealings in Ukraine, which contradicted then-Vice-President Joe Biden’s claim that he knew nothing of the arrangement. In Part I of Hannity’s interview that ran earlier in the week, Isaac says, “There was a lot of coordination. I saw a couple of emails coming directly out of the White House to members of the Burisma staff.” He added that the emails included of Joe Biden’s daily schedules and discussions that were going on about policies with Ukraine.

In Part II of the interview that was aired Friday, Isaac told Hannity that he also saw what appeared to be material of a personal nature involving Hunter Biden. The younger Biden has come under fire for alleged sex tapes and images showing him using drugs and engaging in sexual acts with women and underage girls. Here’s more with Hannity.

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Yovanovitch Knew Of Burisma

It’s looks like one of the Democrat Party’s star witnesses in the sham impeachment trial of President Trump knew all along of the corruption surrounding Burisma. Martin Brodel reports that former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, may have been shading the truth about the gas company’s underhanded dealings with Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family. Says Brodel, “Of course she knew, they all knew. Are you kidding?”

Brodel spices his daily report with a rant against wearing masks, tees off on the mainstream media for their Swalwell coverage and updates news on election fraud.

Amy Barrett Vs. The Idiot People

On the eve of the historic Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court, political commentator and satirist Andrew Klavan tees off on some of the stupidest people in America, aka our Democrat Senators–specifically those on the hearing’s panel.

In the running for the top lamebrain award, Klavan says, are Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono, Rhode Island’s Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and New Jersey’s Sen. Cory Booker. The mentally challenged trio uttered perhaps the most outlandish questions in the final round of their cross examination of ACB.

Hirono, who once told men in the committee chamber to shut up while she slandered then-nominee Brett Kavanaugh, attacked ACB for using the phrase sexual preference, saying it implied sexuality was a choice and is an offensive term. Huh? Even more amazing, Merriam Webster Dictionary, as if receiving direct orders from its Deep State daddy, concurred with Hirono, changing the definition overnight to include her sentiment.

Whitehouse spewed his corporate dark-money conspiracy on Barrett, suggesting her nomination was a result of this ridiculous theory. Thankfully, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz immediately debunked the wild discourse, pointing out that a major portion of dark money from these very corporations was donated to Democrat campaigns.

Later in the hearing, when ACB was asked about the George Floyd incident and condemned white supremacy, Spartacus himself, Corey Booker, took the opportunity to thank her and attack President Trump at the same time. Disgusting.

After analyzing the comments, Klavan awarded the Stupid Democrat Crown to Whitehouse. “I’m embarrassed by our Democrat Senators, because they are the stupidest and meanest bunch of clowns and animals I’ve have ever seen gathered together in one place,” he says. Tune in to hear more of his anger and satire, his thoughts on the Biden-Burisma allegations and Nancy Pelosi’s clash with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

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Biden Crime Family’s Payoffs

In this special edition of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which reveal Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Much more to come!

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The Senate Homeland Security Committee is investigating the contents of Hunter Biden’s alleged computer drive. A repairman turned the drive over to Rudy Giuliani after no one paid for work the repairman had done to fix the computer. Guiliani, in turn, supplied the drive to the Senate committee as well as to the New York Post, which reported on it Tuesday. Facebook and Twitter censored communications about the New York Post story. Republicans charged that amounted to election interference. More from Metro News.

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Mark Dice says now everyone knows! What do they know? Not only that Hunter Biden is a crack head and receiving millions through illegal foreign contributions, but also how Joe Biden has shared the spoils and how the Democrats exert such control over the social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube and Twitter — that these platforms can push unscrupulous and hardcore censorship to disguise the truth and pave the way for the Leftists. Not an ideal situation, to say the least.

PS: In case you were wondering, we understand Hunter Biden has a very small dick with a slight and very weird curve to it. There are not only images of Biden’s strange penis on the abandoned computer hard drive, but what appear to be examples of child porn, in certain instances, shot in China. Stay tuned!

Tucker Carlson Discusses The Future Of Big Tech Censorship.

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US Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, sent a letter to Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, asking Dorsey to defend the decision to censor all mention of the blatant Joe Biden corruption and the New York Post story. Cruz asked if Twitter has ever censored stories from the Washington Post or New York Times? Has Twitter ever censored a story detrimental to President Donald Trump? If never, then why did Twitter feel obligated to protect Joe Biden? Is this social media platform a communication channel or a publisher? Here, we reproduce the Cruz letter.


Emails Reveal: Joe Lied!

Rudy Giuliani has come through For the Win! Revealing never-before-seen emails between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive, revealing a cozy (and improper) relationship between the Burisma Board and Joe Biden! Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter and Burisma and the use of his power to overtly affect events in Burisma’s favor. BIG DEAL! Also, Bruce Ohr out at Department of Justice and FBI threw some trash out in the form of a ridiculous story re: hackers and voting. BS! More from RedPill78.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Scores upon scores of accounts, including RedPill78, In Pursuit of Truth, X22 Report, Amazing Polly, And We Know, Edge of Wonder, JustInformed Talk, TRUReporting and SGTReport have all been booted off by the censors at YouTube. We are in the process of loading Bitchute versions of the deleted videos, but please bear with us. It will take weeks to restore all of the material being buried by the Leftist censors. Fortunately, we have the RedPill78 video, available from Bitchute, uploaded here now.)

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to censor information. The October surprises have just begun. More on the way. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Why is the [DS] scrambling? Why don’t they have any more ammunition? Because they used it all. The patriots waited for the right moment to strike. They have tons of ammunition and they are using it. The hunted have now become the hunters. Enjoy the show. More from the X22 Report.

Former President Barack Obama committed treason when he shelled out $152 billion to the nation of Iran to ensure a coverup of intelligence secrets regarding Osama bin Laden. What secrets? That America not only was aware of his presence in Iran, but supported his remaining there as well as his subsequent transfer to Pakistan. Learn more as the falconer Alan Howell Parrot releases audio tapes and documents that underscore the double-dealing surrounding bin Laden, double-dealing orchestrated not only by Barack Obama but also his Vice President Joe Biden. More from And We Know.


Trump tweets about Seal Team 6. Amy Coney Barrett hearing in the Senate. Also, dark money and the Clinton Foundation loses another court battle. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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President Donald Trump has confirmed the details of Osamagate provided by Alan Howell Parrot. Also, the New York Post has released a series of scandalous photos of Hunter Biden indulging in drugs. In one image, he appears to have fallen asleep with a crack pipe in his mouth. More from Destroying the Illusion.

Biden Emails Outline Corruption

Biden email LEAK shows evidence Joe Biden LIED about Ukraine dealings. Democrats are freaking out. Democrats are corrupt and there is no two ways about it.

In a trove of leaked emails published by New York Post from a computer purportedly owned by Hunter Biden, emails show Hunter using his family name and access to his then VP father Joe Biden to make more money. In one exchange a Ukrainian businessman from Burisma is thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father and giving him the opportunity to meet and spend time.

Democratic allies in media are freaking out claiming its fake news. Facebook has announced they are censoring this story to prevent it from going far even though it’s from a reputable news source. Censorship is out of hand and the corrupt Democrats are desperate to steal back power by any means necessary. Trump and Republicans must win and reform section 230 to prevent this abuse. More from Tim Pool.

Ramzpaul examines the Big Tech censorship. Why is the New York Post being blackballed? Because Big Tech is doing the heavy lifting for a totally corrupt political candidate who would be in jail if he was running in a country that followed the rules of law. Let’s call that candidate “Snow.” And his son “Punter.”

This is bombshell censorship, bot only by Facebook but also Twitter. Both platforms are engaging in an active, all-out coverup to protect Joe Biden. Says The Quartering, “The idea that this isn’t some level of tech censorship or at the very least election interference I don’t know what to say. Would they protect Donald Trump in the same way?”

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What time is it? 2:30. A Filipino hit from MM and MJ, fronted by Kris Angelica. And in case you’re wondering why we bring it up here, check out Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, and ask yourself how that act might apply to Facebook or Twitter!

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Burisma Admits Bribing Biden

Major DELTA from today and strange coincidence surrounding it, plus perhaps an explanation of the 10 Days of Darkness phrase, New details about incoming DECLAS and Haspel and Wray working together to block it. PLUS a MAJOR REVELATION from Burma regarding Joe Biden and BRIBES! Plus Kayleigh McEnany tests positive.More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now caught in their own narrative, just like the protests/riots when they denied it. Trump is trapping them at every turn. The patriots knew the playbook. They knew what the [DS] was attempting to do. He had to show the people. The ultimate truth needs to be revealed. Do not be afraid. It is all about to come out. More from the X22 Report.

“They’re miracles coming down from God.” So says President Donald Trump, explaining the surge in support for his re-election and continuation of his fight against the dirty Deep State. Our nation is becoming greater, not only because God’s hands are upon us, but also because we elect true leaders like Donald Trump, while discarding corrupt pedophiles like Joe Biden. More from And We Know.

Joe Biden is very sick! The miracle healing of President Donald Trump. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Knockout Coming Soon

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are getting hit hard from all sides. Each event is now being exposed and people are waking up. October is approaching and messages are being sent. The candidate swap is on deck. The report from the Senate has been released and it doesn’t look good for Joe Biden. Welcome to the 15th round. Knockout is coming. Crimes against humanity, Assange, Treason are now all coming together. It is almost time to harvest the corn. More from the X22 Report.

The long-awaited Senate Report on Hunter Biden corruption in Ukraine has been released and the contents are damning. Not only was Hunter allegedly involved in various types of corruption while on the Burisma board, he also received millions of dollars in payments from Russian, Khazak and Chinese nationals and can be traced to involvement in various human trafficking networks. Attorney General Bill Barr and the Department of Justice have revealed necessary reforms to Section 230 and our favorite Anon returns with numerous posts targeting the enemies of humanity. More from RedPill78.

Booms under way! Report due on the Bidens and Burisma, Bill Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell’s intimate dinner in 2014 and vote buying by Mike Bloomberg in Florida. More from Lori Colley.

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President Donald Trump has the Senate vote! Even Mitt Romney is on board! Democrats vow to stop the vote and pack the courts. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Actor Jim Cavieziel is different from the pedophile bums who are so loud, so obnoxious and so visible in Hollywood. Caviezel, who portrayed Jesus in The Passion of The Christ, now has spoken out against the closure of churches during the coronavirus pandemic. In so doing, he delivered a knockout blow to the New World Order as well as Satan. Also in this episode: The Leftist censors at YouTube have struck again, removing Quite Franky for up three or four months. This follows the removal of The X22 Report, although for a short period — only a week. More from the SGTReport.


Anarchist Cities Defunded

The Department of Justice and Attorney General William Barr have announced three cities will be defunded in the wake of their Dim Mayors refusing to enforce the law: Portland, Seattle and New York City. Some news on Ukraine as a report from the Senate is imminent and two whistleblowers come forward from Burisma explaining the Biden Payoff scam. Epstein’s Flight logs are back in the news. Plus, some coverage from ME at the Donald Trump Rally! More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media underestimated the patriots. The pieces are being put into place and the panic level is now off the charts. Why is Trump pushing to place SCOTUS in before the election? Think election chaos. Think of the laws the states have just passed. This is another countermeasure. The clock is ticking down and the [DS] is in the crosshairs. More from the X22 Report.

Did an FBI agent delete criminal evidence linking Hillary Clinton to nefarious doings on Jeffrey Epstein’s island? More from JustInformed Talk.

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President Donald Trump met Tuesday in the White House with Amy Comey Barrett. Is she the next Supreme Court Justice? More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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