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The Stage And Trap Are Set

The [Deep State] is now left with only one option: Force the people to comply, Trump and the patriots have brought the [Deep State] down this path so everyone can see who and what they really are: Traitors.

The [Deep State] is now building the narrative. This will backfire on them. How do you navigate around a corrupt [FBI]/[Department of Justice]? Stealth bomber. The trap has been set. This is the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. This will not end well for the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

End Of Thibault’s FBI Career

Styxhexenhammer666 delves into Timothy Thibault’s departure from the FBI and what it means.

Was he a rogue agent or will others be let go who politicized the agency? What role did these individual play in orchestrating the Trump Mar-A-Lago raid? How about the FBI’s handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop?

The FBI is seemingly distancing itself from Thibault, but there still could be a major brushback, and quite possibly more resignations and forced departures.

Kash Patel, former acting U.S. Secretary of Defense,  says Timothy Thibault’s departure represents a sea change for the FBI. The agency previously rewarded this agent by promoting him, despite his flagrant bias and corruption.

Says Patel, “Thibault is a perfect example of a guy who repeatedly got promoted for running and working on corrupt prosecutions and investigations: Russiagate, Hillarygate, Hunter Biden laptop, Whitmer. This guy was promoted into superior positions for failing to do his job. But worse, probably intentionally lying and breaking the law.”

Patel made the remarks in an interview with Salem News’ Sebastian Gorka.

Dan Bongino doesn’t believe the removal of Thibault solves the problem. The FBI has been charging after former President Donald Trump for several years now, and through a series of phony and fraudulent investigations including Russiagate. The agency doesn’t have a few bad apples. The entire orchard is rotten.

Its command structure is full of overly politicized and lying apparatchiks who routinely thumb their noses at American law and the American people. Bongino argues here it’s time to dismantle the FBI and redistribute its agents to more responsible and lawful agencies.

Thibault has already lawyered up, with the firm of Morrison & Foerster, who issued a statement declaring, “Mr. Thibault was not fired, not forced to retire and not asked to retire. On his last day, as part of his processing, Mr. Thibault turned in his security badge and walked with two long-time special agent friends through the field office to finish processing his paperwork. He walked out of the building by himself. Claims to the contrary are false.”


John Durham: Pain Is Coming 2

In this episode we will look at the Sussman trial and what’s next for the on-going investigation by John ‘The Bull’ Durham, as he investigates the fake Russian hoax perpetrated by the Globalist Deep State to attack the ULTRA MAGA King, President Donald Trump. Featuring appearances Kash Patel, Brian Cates, Devin Nunes and the X22 Report. More from MrTruthBomb.

The Plot Against The King

Kash Patel: An amazing, strong leader for a time such as this. Patel speaks with And We Know on Russiagate, Hillary Clinton and criminality, as well as his children’s book The Plot Against The King.

All The Walls Are Falling Down

The [Deep State]/[Hillary Rodham Clinton] took the bait and fell right into the trap. There is no escape from this. All the walls are falling down. The [Deep State] is panicking after Elon Musk purchased Twitter. The patriots have information weaponry that will be used to take down the [Deep State]. The [Deep State] censorship days are over. There is no place to hide. More from the X22 Report.

Accidentally revealed emails in the Sussmann case reveal the sordid origins of Russiagate! The sealed Fusion GPS emails expose Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff. Also, evidence is now pointing to millions of dollars hidden by Joe Biden. More from RedPill78.

Rats Turning On Each Other

John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russiagate hoax is heating up. Thanks to a new filing, we have access to some key intel. Namely, certain participants in the hoax have been granted immunity to testify against the guilty! More from RedPill78.

Here, we give you a double-shot of RedPill78, as he offers a second report for the day that’s just as important and as critical. It’s a look at how a series of poorly timed events — ranging from the Ukraine War to the Biden administration’s boycott of Russian goods — are leading to disastrous shortages in fertilizers, grains, meats and fuels.

Compounding the problem: The CIA-backed, Deep State, Wall Street outfits like Vanguard and Blackwater are manipulating transport lines and companies to make the shortages even worse. Get ready for a massive recession that could well descend into a full-blown Depression.


Russiagate Caused Ukraine War

Independent journalists now showing a link between Russiagate and the Ukraine War. What they found will shock you! More from Steve Turley.

The Insanity Of The Left

Mr. Reagan presents The Weekly Meltdown. Will lunatic Leftists ever be able to cope with reality? Are they forever lost in their delusions? How can they live in a world where so many of their fellow creatures don’t toe the straight and narrow party line?

Speaking of Leftist lunacy, will these Liberal idiots ever stop blaming everything on Russia? Is there no scandal where they will ever own up to their own sordid roles? Apparently not, judging from the latest performance by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. More from Mark Dice.

Patriots On The Hunt

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now the hunted. The patriots are declassifying documents, which show the [DS] players planned a coup against a sitting President. More docs are now being declassified without redactions. We are now in the middle of Red October and the [DS] is panicking. The hunt is on. More from the X22 Report.

THIS IS IT! POTUS has requested full, un-redacted declassification of not only the Russia Collusion investigation docs but ALSO the Clinton Email investigation docs. We discuss the timeline and implications as well as taking a look back retrospectively at the lies by the mainstream media as they perpetuated this lie upon the American public. More from RedPill78.

Why are we being censored? Why are we being attacked daily? When happens when people no longer fight back? Yes, friends, we are being thrown around like pawns. But the battles in which we are ensnared are minor compared to the larger wars. Hillary Rodham Clinton  is now caught in a trap. The Deep State as a whole is also caught and can’t walk out. More from And We Know.

Trump demands the names of every one of these rat bees be presented to the American public! Let’s see them all, and jail these traitors, or subject them to appropriate punishment. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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What happens to this major lie now? How long will the Declass take? What will be revealed? More from JustInformed Talk.

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The Plot Against The President

Here’s the trailer for The Plot Against The President, the long-awaited documentary that exposes how the Democrats used the FBI and the fabricated Russiagate spy fantasy to concoct a phony plot against President Donald Trump. Based on the book by Lee Smith, the film has been directed by Amanda Milius. She’s a young filmmaker, not so well-known herself, but from a vaunted pedigree — her father is John Milius, the writer-director of such hits as Apocalypse Now, Jeremiah Johnson and Conan the Barbarian.

Amanda Milius, a self-proclaimed conservative, says, “The right has always wanted to get into movies and the culture more but there’s always been this piece missing, I think they get so frustrated of being made fun of … that they kind of abandoned art. We actually need more artists in the conservative movement.”

The film features interviews with the likes of Rudy Guiliani, Sidney Powell, Donald Trump Jr., and Devin Nunes. The film is due for release next Friday, Oct. 9. We’ll have more details as they become available.

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