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We Do Not Want Venezuela!

Parents descended upon the Natomas United School Board meeting in Sacramento, California, to demand the firing of a brazen Leftist who pushed students to take part in Antifa rallies. The teacher, Gabriel Gipe, bragged about his revolutionary classroom techniques in a video released by Project Veritas. “I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gipe boasted.

Now, he’ll have to work from the outside, as the school board heeded the advice of disgruntled parents late Wednesday night and discharged this cavalier Communist.

The only question that remains? How did this flaming scumbag get away with his radical antics for so long? He not only displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom at Inderkum High School, but also a portrait of Chairman Mao Zedong. He even marked papers he graded with stamped images of Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un.

Why did none of the school’s administrators or its other teachers see the blatant red flags? And if they can’t control a goon like Gipe, how many others are following in his footsteps, and tearing apart our schools as well as our students? More from Mark Dice.



Free Market Economy In Cuba

Cuba is slowly reforming its economy, basically because the Soviet Union sugar daddy has been gone for years. And you just can’t run an economy without some outside source of income.

The Cuban government just relaxed its ban on some 2,000 private sector jobs, opening the economy for more free market activity. This, as the Communist party prepares to bid adios to Raul Castro, who inherited the country’s leadership from his brother, Fidel. Is the multi-generational U.S. embargo finally paying off? Will the people of Cuba finally enjoy the sweet song of liberty? Get the lowdown from the “Right Angle” crew of Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle.

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Bernie Goes Full Jeremy Corbyn

Bernie Sanders is going full Jeremy Corbyn. So says Akkad Daily, while adding, “I think it will end in exactly the same way, too.”

Bernie Sanders may be our next President! He leads in the betting for the Democratic nomination.

But some of his ideas are frightening. Senator Sanders now talks of “democratic socialism” but he was once full of praise for violent socialist regimes including Castro’s Cuba, the Soviet Union, and Nicaraguan Sandinistas. More from John Stossel.

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In salute to Comrade Bernie, we offer a Cossack dance-off, set to music by Toby Fox, American video game developer and composer.

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Scary Side of Bolshevik Bernie

As Bernie Sanders continues his quest for the White House, he continues to talk Democratic socialism. What he’s buried for the moment is his once-ardent praise for violent, revolutionary socialist regimes, ala Castro and Cuba, Ortega and the Nicaraguan Sandanistas and, of course, his beloved Soviet Union, where he honeymooned. Since Bolshevik Bernie got into Congress, though, he has mostly stopped praising violent socialist revolution, but he’s never taken back the extensive praise he’s given to all sorts of socialist regimes. Suffice it to say: Once a commie, always a commie. Here’s more from Stossel TV.

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Bolshevik or not, Bernie Sanders is holding onto the lead in the 2020 Democratic race, taking 1st place by a sizeable margin in Saturday’s Nevada caucus, with Joe Biden a distant 2nd place. Chris Stirewalt breaks it down on Fox News.

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Two Socialists in a Row?

Jodi Miller reports that, “Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this country elected two socialist presidents in a row?” Miller also zeroes in on Independence Day, Rapper DMX, Malia Obama, Michelle Obama, Caitlyn Jenner and Fidel Castro in this edition of NewsBusted.

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The Myth of Cool Commies

Che Guevera, a major figure in the Cuban Revolution of the late 1950s, advocated banning the free press and anything capitalist as he aided Fidel Castro ascend to power in the now communist state. He later admitted to executing many Cubans by firing squad, not knowing if they were fully guilty. Yet Guevara continues to be venerated by progressives. Michael Moynihan, of The Daily Beast, joins LibertyPen’s John Stossel to discuss the myths that continue to romanticize Guevara and communism.

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Obama Skipping Tight Races

“President Obama will not be visiting at least four states with tight Senate races during the upcoming campaign season,” says Jodi Miller. “Which means the president will have to restrict his travel to the other 53 states." In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also touches on race relations, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, NBC, CNN, Michelle Obama and Fidel Castro.

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Recovery’s in Hip-Hop Shape

This just in. Michelle Obama went on a hip-hop radio show and said America is in the midst of a huge recovery. “Hey,” says Jodi Miller, “if you went on as many taxpayer-funded vacations as Michelle, you would think our economy was doing well, too.” Hear more about Romnesia, Fidel Castro and the world’s richest man in this edition of NewsBusted.

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Democrats and Political Greed

Democrats often demonize rich people and assail corporate greed. But any student of history knows that the worst despots of the past century have all been political tyrants, not captains of industry. Was Hitler brought to you by Budweiser? Did Taco Bell lead Castro’s revolution? In this episode of Intellectual Frog Legs, Joe Dan Gorman analyzes the Democrats’ class warfare rhetoric in light of the party’s failure to stabilize or grow the economy, even though Democrats have controlled at least two-thirds of the US legislative and executive branches since January of 2007.

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