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Sparks Over Haney’s Murder

John Wells  interviewed whistleblower Philip Haney on two different occasions, and says both times he “emphatically told me that he’s not suicidal and if anything happens to him, all hell will break loose.” Says Wells, I’m thinking he had a #deadmanswitch…” If so, get ready for the sparks to fly!

Here, Wells presents a compilation of those two earlier interviews with Haney, an Obama-era whistleblower who was one of the founding officers of the Department of Homeland Security. Haney starts off telling us his views on how ‘the swamp’ should be drained…

The whistleblower was found shot to death to death in rural northern California over the weekend.

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Philip Haney was a good friend and source to the Glenn Beck Program, and he was a true ‘Winter Soldier’ if there ever was one. He was also a founding member of the DHS, and a whistleblower that exposed corruption during the Obama administration. Police are deeming his death an apparent suicide, but Glenn had a strong opinion about that. Watch this clip to hear Glenn’s thoughts as he pays tribute to a true patriot. More from Glenn Beck.

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: Reports are now circulating of a second possible murder of a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, Kevin Spidel of Arizona. He, too, served in the department during the Obama administration, under DHS Director Janet Napolitano. What kind of corruption did these officers wish to expose? Why are they being snuffed out now? We will stay on top of this story here on Call Me Stormy.)





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