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In Pursuit of Truth explores the realm of high-brow charity auctions and galas, especially those mounted by organizations that purport to look out for the needs of sexually abused children. Great cause, but when the individuals involved in the organizations are using commonly known pedophile symbols, or wearing red shoes, or otherwise immersed in a dark and disturbing world of sex traffickers, you have to wonder: Are these actual charities or more like artfully disguised predatory groups? And if they are predatory, who’s behind them and for what purposes?

Here, IPOT goes round about, opening with the strange case of a couple of wealthy “philanthropists” who died when their car careened off a ferry connecting the Florida mainline with Fisher Island. It boasts only 132 residents with the highest per capita income of any place in the United States.

The [Deep State] is trying everything. They are still pushing to get everything they didn’t get during the impeachment trial. Trump is using the event to his advantage and now the statistical numbers are being countered. Kansas sends a message, letting everyone know that Renegade will pay the price. The [DS] event is now running out of steam. They are going to make one last push and then it’s game over. They know this. They are trapped. When everything blows over, all they did was hand over another win to Trump. More from the X22 Report, including discussion of Joe Biden’s dementia and Hillary Clinton’s new documentary.

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Cryin’ Chuck Schumer made a bold statement outside the SCOTUS yesterday. Ukraine investigation produces massive document trove. Mitt Romney seems to be sweating, Warren drops out and FISA privileges are revoked for SpyGate plotter. More from RedPill78.

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Sen. Schumer threatens a whirlwind will overtake two conservative justices. What was he talking about and why is he so upset? More from Lori Colley.

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Can we successfully unite against evil? Drawing from President Donald trump’s recent Town Hall on Fox News, as well as other sources, JustInformed Talk takes a look at how President Trump is leading us in a fight to stave off evil, to bring down the [Deep State] and restore true order across America.

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