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Is This The Worst Case Scenario?

How has the mainstream media weaponized its fake news against President Donald Trump? Why don’t they ever tell the truth about the pedophiles they protect? Why don’t they practice actual and objective journalism as opposed to spewing Leftist rhetoric. Here, JustInformed Talk gives us a roundup and asks, “Is this the worst-case scenario?”

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Vice President Mike Pence clearly warned us of today’s threat back in 2018. We you listening? More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Will John Podesta be one of the first arrests as National Guard sweep across the nation to deliver up to 150,000 federal indictments? Craig Mason believes so, and has predicted as much. Here, he explains his thinking. Also, he touches upon: Will there be fair trials for these powerful people? What’s the strongest penalty in any book?

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Where we go one…we go all. We are unstoppable. More from Annette Cividanes.

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