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Who’s The Biggest Dick?

We’ve all seen the mounting evidence through the coronavirus pandemic. Our Democratic leaders — mayors, governors, other elected officials — have gone out of their way to be Dicks and shove their power down the throats of the American people. We’ve all got plenty of time. Today’s task: Choose which Democratic Dick deserves the undisputed title as America’s greatest Coronavirus Nazi.

1. Should it go to Kentucky Gov. Andy “Dick” Beshear, who vowed to quarantine Christians in their homes for two weeks “by force” if they attend Easter services?

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2. Or how about Michigan Gov.  Gretchen Whitmer, who went so far as to outlaw seed sales during the coronavirus pandemic? Seig Heil, Dick Gretchen!

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3. No doubt about it, Beshear and Whitmer are certified Dicks. But our vote for the snarliest asshole goes to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. He’s the one who ordered all of the skating bowls at the Venice Beach Skatepark to be filled with sand, rather than leaving them clear for any skaters to use and congregate. Who know when the skaters can return, but the next bowl they light up, they should vow to all work together to defeat Garcetti and send that Democratic Asshole into the back alleys, where he belongs.

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