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Intentional Media Lies

USA Today reported that the Monterey Park, Calif., shooting “revived the fears and trauma of anti-Asian hate for the Los Angeles Asian community,” again stoking the emotional strings of racism.

Thing is, there are two glaring problems with this statement: First, the shooter was Vietnamese, and secondly, USA Today knew his identity well before writing this nonsense. The “Right Angle” crew of Steve Green, Scott Ott and Alfonzo Rachel discuss the hypocrisy of USA Today and wonder when the intentional lies will end.

The Tragedy Of American Cities

The extreme social decline of America is in full force. You need only look at many of our once-proud cities to see filth, squalor and disease–in the streets!

Metropolitan areas in Portland, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York and Detroit are seemingly beyond help, overrun by thousands of homeless encampments, and wallowing in crime and sexual abuse. And the rate of delinquencies has spiked to the highest in U.S. history.

Even in our nation’s Capitol, a few blocks from the White House, countless homeless can be seen sprawled out on the ground. 99Percent takes a deeper look at the crisis.

Hollywood Propaganda

Behind the scenes with the Hollywood Mafia. Mark Dice takes a look at Los Angeles — the City of  the Angels — and finds it full of demons, liars and broken dreams.

Vaccine Genocide Continues!

Josh Sigurdson says the vaccine genocide continues, with millennial deaths up another 36 percent! He says that, overall, we’ve seen a whopping 163 percent increase in deaths year-over-year,

Meanwhile, the media claims it’s unvaccinated people stressing out the vaccinated that is causing vaccine injuries. Here’s more with Sigurdson, who also reports on the return of mask mandates in California.

Gene Decode: Stargates, Portals

Gene Decode joins Taino on The Galactic Talk to discuss a variety of topics, including the NORAD, Haiti and New Mexico stargate systems, and the strange hidden section of the Getty Center, in Los Angeles.

Decode reveals the intergalactic activities related to NORAD infrastructure, the portals to Mars at the Dulce DUMB and Sandia Laboratory, in New Mexico, and how the Haiti stargates are connected to the world. He also breaks down the anomalies of the hidden activities at the Getty Center.

A Web Of Election Misconduct

Sourcing intel from Harry the Greek, George Webb reports there’s a shady connection between Konnech Voting Machines CEO Eugene Yu, Adam Schiff, American elections and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Though Yu is a naturalized American citizen, he’s worked on elections in China and has close ties to the CCP.  And stunningly, Konnech was earlier awarded a Department of Defense Contract for all military people voting overseas. Talk about conflict of interest! Yu, in cahoots with Schiff’s California cronies, also runs elections in thousands of U.S. counties and was given super-user access to all the servers by the CCP.

Turns out Yu ran into some trouble in Lansing, Mich., where he was arrested at the Lansing airport after allegedly running off with $2.4 million. He was given low bail and released, but re-arrested in Los Angeles, his home, where’s he’s under the watchful eye of Schiff. Webb joins Tommy’s Podcast to sort out the details.

Antarctica Alien Bases!

Antarctica Nazi Alien bases! Admiral Byrd Secret Intel! Hidden Lizard City under Los Angeles! Hybrid armies on alien bases in Antarctica! Most recent video from Antarctica! Reptilian plans! Reptilians will not eat a dead human! The Dead are here now! They won’t come up here and kill humans…as long as our government feeds them down there! More from McAllister TV.

Leaving California

The California Dream ain’t what it used to be. In this parody of The Beach Boys’ “California Girls”, The Babylon Bee Boys sing, “I Wish We All Could Leave California,” expressing their yearning to leave the Golden State some day.

Serpent City Below Los Angeles

In the 1933, mining engineer George Warren Shufeld related stories, told to him, of Hopi legends describing a race of “Serpent People” (not reptilian, but so-named for their reverence of the lizard) who, 5,000 years ago, built several great underground cities near the Pacific Coast , including one beneath Los Angeles. The cities were said to have been built underground as protection against great cataclysmic fires on the surface. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Why Progressives Ruin Cities

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, aka San FranSicko. These once-proud and dynamic cities now wallow in crime, garbage, tent cities and drugs. The common denominator, of course, is they’re run by radical-left Democrats! So why do progressives ruin our cities? Here’s John Stossel with his take on the decline.

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