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Trump To Suspend Immigration

President Donald Trump has moved to suspend all immigration. This is a ban that many conservatives has wanted to see for the past several years. It likely will be challenged in the courts, but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court. Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses.

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Monday night president Donald Trump announces he would sign an executive order banning all immigration into the US. Almost immediately Democrats and media pundits called this a distraction. Trump had done such a bad job lately he needed to distract the public with unrelated but crazy policy, right?

No. The Democrats have been running ads against Trump calling him weak on China and ineffective. Biden’s latest ad said Trump’s travel ban didn’t go far enough so Trump responds in perfect Trump fashion. Total immigration ban.

This isn’t a distraction, it is the opposite. Trump wants the spotlight on him, he wants to be seen as taking drastic action, of going too far. So later when they run ads claiming he failed he will say the Democrats attacked him for suspended travel, he is one upping the Democrats. Republicans face a potential uphill battle in November in the House and Senate but one thing they have is unity, Democrats not so much. More from Tim Pool.

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