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Push For Absolute Slavery

What is a zero-carbon future? What does it look like? To imagine, turn off your heater. No airports. No shipping. No animals. Perfect surveillance state. In this Ice Age Farmer special report, Christian Westbrook breaks The “Absolute Zero” plan and how governments are actively taking drastic steps every day to meet these dystopian goals for Travel, Transport, Energy, Manufacturing, Recycling, and Food. We must understand the reality underneath their flowery philanthropic language: Absolute Slavery.

The Stairway To Absolution

Joe Biden (Resident, United States) takes on the Air Force One staircase. More from John Ward.

Mandatory Vaccines For Travel?

Computing Forever has been warning us: Officials might not grant passports unless individuals have received mandatory vaccinations. Now we are seeing signs that this warning might have been correct. Computing Forever titles this video: I Hate to Say I Told You So…

Trump To Suspend Immigration

President Donald Trump has moved to suspend all immigration. This is a ban that many conservatives has wanted to see for the past several years. It likely will be challenged in the courts, but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court. Vincent James of The Red Elephants discusses.

Monday night president Donald Trump announces he would sign an executive order banning all immigration into the US. Almost immediately Democrats and media pundits called this a distraction. Trump had done such a bad job lately he needed to distract the public with unrelated but crazy policy, right?

No. The Democrats have been running ads against Trump calling him weak on China and ineffective. Biden’s latest ad said Trump’s travel ban didn’t go far enough so Trump responds in perfect Trump fashion. Total immigration ban.

This isn’t a distraction, it is the opposite. Trump wants the spotlight on him, he wants to be seen as taking drastic action, of going too far. So later when they run ads claiming he failed he will say the Democrats attacked him for suspended travel, he is one upping the Democrats. Republicans face a potential uphill battle in November in the House and Senate but one thing they have is unity, Democrats not so much. More from Tim Pool.

Rome, Italy

With most everyone across the globe marooned at home, Black Pigeon Speaks plans to launch a new travel series. Not so much because we’re all going anywhere anytime soon. But so we can dream of interesting places to see once we get our sea legs back and begin to explore the world again. He opens the series with this video of Rome, Italy: City, Perspectives and Historic Echoes.


These People Are Sick

Prepare yourself. In the days and weeks ahead, you are going to learn just how sick a lot of celebrities and politicians truly are.

President Trump declares 30 Day Travel Ban to Europe. Q has posted “Done in 30” several times. National Guard is called out. A Nationwide blitz of arrested call “Project Python” targets are called CJNG an assignation squad of the drug Cartel.

There are 150,00 sealed Indictments. Martial Law may be declared the Internet taken off line, several city lock downs, All for Mass Arrest????????

Members of Deep State, known sex traffickers, sex offenders, pedophiles, Start having “Corona Virus” Cover for “Arrested”, Or don’t arrest me I’m contagious???? Tom Hanks

Everything being canceled to get people off the streets? President Trump retweeted Trump’s next (“violin” act) piece will be “Nothing can stop what’s coming” More from In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State]/Democrats have pushed their event to the extreme. The patriots knew the playbook. They are using this to their advantage. The storm is upon us, but this is no ordinary storm. The stage had to be set. The noise had to be quieted; The peoples’ attention had to be on Trump. The time has come. The operation is now a go, green castle online. Patriots ready. More from the X22 Report.

Nothing can stop what is coming. And We Know surveys the latest news from Q, including shoutouts to patriots in India, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Austria, Germany and South Korea. There’s an interesting discussion of the Corona Virus, numerically represented as 3 for C and 22 for Virus. Put the 322 together and you have the number for the Skull and Bones cabal, the Yale club that has claimed many presidents as members. Also covered: The sentencing of Harvey Weinstein and the arrest of more than 600 drug traffickers belonging to the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generation, or CJNG.

Says RedPill78, “Last month Bob Kudla and I discussed the effect of the global pandemic on the supply chain. Looks like we called it. Now it’s spreading to other areas like the market and oil and soon a response from the Fed.”

President Trump shuts down travel. The coronavirus is taking its toll in locations across the nation. Are we prepared for what’s about to happen? More from JustInformed Talk.

A Glimpse of the Past

If you’ve ever taken in the wonders of the night sky, chances are you may be glancing into the distant past. Even the things you see surrounding you are old news. Well, maybe only mere nano seconds old. “Light travels at about 1 foot per nano second,” says Katie Mack of minutephysics. “Everything you look at is to one degree or another in the past. The farther away in space, the more ancient in time.” Take the Andromeda Galaxy, our Milky Way’s closest neighbor. If you’re lucky enough to see this cosmic giant on a clear evening, you’re viewing it 2.5 million years in the past.

Along Came Anthony Bourdain

Once upon a time, travel shows were stodgy as fuck. Television tourism was populated with pleasant, proper people who strolled the Champs-Élysées or the beaches of Rio to show you how to do pleasant, proper, prepackaged things. Then came Anthony Bourdain. More from Reason.TV.


The Last Great Explorer

Sir Wilfred Thesiger was one of Britain’s last great explorers. In this intimate documentary shot briefly before his death, Thesiger talks about his experiences in the desert, Bin Laden, the American foreign policy and the rapidly changing Arab world.

‘The harder the life, the finer the type, no doubt about that,’ believes Sir Wilfred. Educated in the comfort of Eton and Oxford, he returned to the place of his birth, Africa, to embark on his extensive travels across the Middle East. He learned the ancient code of conduct that made survival in the desert possible: honesty, loyalty, courage, endurance and patience.



Now that Myanmar has opened its doors to tourists, we are beginning to see some intoxicating travelogues taking in the sights in the southeast Asian country, formerly known as Burma. Here’s one of the better introductions to Myanmar, from Patrik Wallner with Visualtraveling. The colors, the culture, the countryside are all reminiscent of neighboring Thailand, but everything looks less developed and commercialized. The visuals here are strong, and so is the accompanying music by Jean-Claude Vannier. H/T Kuriositas

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