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NY Democrats Whack the Vote

Even though neither Joe Biden nor Bernie Sanders have secured sufficient delegates to secure their party’s presidential nomination, the wacky Democrats have canceled the primary election in New York, the most Democratic of all states. Stunning and suspicious, to say the least. Does this mean that beleaguered front-runner Joe Biden–accused by Tara Reade of a 1993 sexual assault, and looking perpetually befuddled on camera–skips scrutiny and goes from presumptive to anointed presidential nominee? Not if Bernie Sanders supporters have anything to say about it. Political commentator Bill Whittle opines that this is nothing but another ludicrous maneuver by Democrats to get Biden safely through the convention, then dumping him for someone electable. “It is nothing but contempt for democracy,” he says. “And to be perfectly honest with you, if the Democrats believed in democracy and Joe Biden is not the nominee, then it  should be Bernie Sanders.” Whittle joins his compadres Scott Ott and Stephen Green to debate the issue on this episode of “Right Angle.”

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