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Intentional Media Lies

USA Today reported that the Monterey Park, Calif., shooting “revived the fears and trauma of anti-Asian hate for the Los Angeles Asian community,” again stoking the emotional strings of racism.

Thing is, there are two glaring problems with this statement: First, the shooter was Vietnamese, and secondly, USA Today knew his identity well before writing this nonsense. The “Right Angle” crew of Steve Green, Scott Ott and Alfonzo Rachel discuss the hypocrisy of USA Today and wonder when the intentional lies will end.

Pentagon Missing $2.1 Trillion

The Defense Department, in a recent audit, could not account for some 61 percent of its assets, or a whopping $2.1 trillion! Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord said, “We failed to get an A” and called it “a teachable moment” that should help the department get better.

Not so fast says, Bill Whittle, who thinks heads should roll. Whittle is joined by Stephen Green and Scott Ott with their analysis of the problem in this episode of “Right Angle.”

Fire The First Lady!

Chile’s First Lady Irina Karamanos, who is not married to President Gabriel Boric, but is actually a live-in girlfriend, doesn’t want the job, but she’s having a hard time quitting.

Scott Ott thinks she’s on the right track, which bring up questions about Jill Biden, First Lady in the Biden Administration, and her predecessors. With a budget of $1.3 million and way more staff members than necessary, should the U.S. fire the First Lady? Should this unelected (and unpaid) presidential spouse have a staff and a budget? The Right Angle crew of Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green tackle the topic.

The Death-Rebirth Of Twitter

Twitter’s death-rebirth cycle seems to run multiple times each day, while it appears Elon Musk has the app surgically attached to his palm.

Meanwhile, the staff is fleeing or getting fired. The Right Angle triumvirate of Bill Whittle Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss what we can learn from the Tesla/SpaceX CEO’s leadership of this new venture.

57% Don’t Trust Ballot System

With a new poll showing 57% of likely voters don’t trust that election results reflect the actual votes, how can we re-establish trust in the ballot system? What would prove to you that an election is fair and accurate? The Right Angle team of Stephen Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott debate the issue.

Slavery Abolition On The Ballot

The Constitution says you can be made to do labor if you’re imprisoned, but voters in five states will decide whether working prisoners are actually slaves.

Should we put an end to prison industries, or does having a job in jail teach the dignity of work and prepare convicts for return to the free world? The “Right Angle” trio Alfonzo Rachel, Scott Ott and Stephen Green debate the issue on the Bill Whittle channel.

Does It Matter Anymore?

Are there cultural conventions about dress that matter anymore? Stop by your local Walmart to view a veritable anti-fashion show of pajamas, fuzzy slippers and sports bras put on by ordinary shoppers.

The “Right Angle” trio of Bill Whittle Scott Ott and Stephen Green discuss what is appropriate attire in public and whether it ever mattered.

Celebs Give Finger To USA

Right Angle’s Stephen Green asks, “Why is the progressive left so ugly inside and out? They really want to impose their will, and that will is really an ugly sight to see.” Join Green, Bill Whittle and Scott Ott, as they dissect the increasing “Hate America” narrative emanating from the lefties.

Taming The Gun Nuts

Can we keep weapons out of the hands of crazy people? If so, who decides who’s crazy? Scott Ott, Stephen Green and Bill Whittle take a deep-dive into the issue on “Right Angle.”

An Unlikely Ally?

David Hogg, the progressive 2nd Amendment opponent, received a mouthful of red tape while attempting an LLC start-up and uncharacteristically slammed the government for its avalanche of rules and regulations.

Says Right Angle’s Alfonzo Rachel, “David Hogg has gone hog-wild heretic. I saw he put out a tweet and he’s starting to sound like one of our cousins.” Rachel is joined by Scott Ott and Stephen Green to discuss whether this brainwashed lefty can now finally find fellowship with conservatives. Here’s their report.

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