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Defund the Po-Po?

In this video, we talk about what the movement for defunding the po-po really means, using their own materials and infographics. More from Really Graceful.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas continues its undercover series showing the radical roots of Antifa. In this video, we learn about an off-shoot called RefuseFa, or Refuse Fascism. They are pushing the idea of thousands, if not millions, of protesters taking over the streets of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and a few other cities to try to force President Donald Trump to resign. In other words, have 1 percent of the population dictate demands to the other 99 percent.

This is crazy talk by radical schmucks who should be earning themselves prison berths. Who is funding these loonies? Here, we find it’s not just George Soros, but also possibly Tom Steyer as well as some of the idiots in Silicon Valley. Of course, none of these donors want to be associated with the radical leftists. Of course not!

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