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Next Up: “Eliminate” Trump

The [Deep State] is panicking. They don’t know how to stop Trump.

[Dan Goldman, a U.S. House Representative from New York] brought up the idea of eliminating Trump. They know they have lost the narrative and the people are seeing the truth. The more the people see, the more pain the [Deep State] receives.

In the end, Trump wants the people to make the final decision. In the final battle, the people need to see the truth. The military will most likely be brought into the fold as the country approaches WWIII to protect the elections. More from the X22 Report.

Iran Threatens To Kill Trump

The patriots are now trapping the [Deep State] in all of their crimes. Iran is now being brought into focus. Iran put out a video calling for the assassination of Trump.

All roads lead to Obama. Obama is now being brought into the spotlight and Trump is going to show the country and the world how treasonous he really is.

Soon, it will be game over for the [Deep State]. Transparency is the only way forward. Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Ray Epps & The Fed-Surrection

Why was Ray Epps treated as victim by the same people who condemned almost everyone around him as a threat?

We try to answer some lingering questions about the one “election-denying-Donald Trump-supporter” the media and the government didn’t seem to hate. Here’s more from Lara Logan in her Rest of the Story Docuseries: Ray Epps, Part 1.

Free Falling

Antifa goon finds out a pro “Palestine” ally wants to throw him off a roof. The leftists are so violent and shrill, their coalition will continue to shatter. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

Against All Enemies

The [Deep State] is about to be exposed. The government of the US has been infiltrated and now they will have to make a decision.

When the chaos begins and DC is being attacked and the White House is being stormed, those people in DC and other places will need to remember their oaths. There is only one more year and the people need to see this play out until the end so they can finally vote to take back this country. More from the X22 Report.

We’re About To Face Final Battle

The [Deep State] is now moving down the path the patriots want them to follow. This is not about a 4-year election. From the beginning, the mission was to take back the country. All of this is preplanned.

The people needed to see the [Deep State] system. The people will need to reach the precipice of destruction so they find the will to change. The weapons are real. The terrorism and war are controlled. Patriots have it all. Much will be revealed in the end. More from the X22 Report.

In Position, On Target

The patriots are pivoting. They are showing the people how to fight, and in what better place is this happening than in Congress.

Trump and the patriots are now setting up the old switcheroo. They brought in McCarthy. They knew he was controlled but they needed someone. Later on, they tricked the D’s and now they are going to put in their worst nightmare. Who will be the next speaker?

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) was tested and activated today — the same time Russia tested theirs. Coincidence? I think not. Everything is in position. Target ready.  Here’s more from the X22 Report.

Fake News Pushing Riots, Chaos

The [Deep State] is ready to take Biden out of the game. They are preparing a change of batter. Trump calls for the 25th Amendment once again. Lets see if the D’s react.

Obama and the Clintons are coming into focus. Clintons have set up their initiative in Ukraine. Timing is everything.

The [Deep State]/fake news begin the narrative for riots and chaos. War is approaching and building.

The patriots have the [Deep State] exactly where then need to be so the world can watch. More from the X22 Report.

Andy Ngo Loses Antifa Case

Andy Ngo has lost his civil lawsuit against Antifa protesters over a Portland, Oregon assault in 2021. The Antifa defense lawyer, Michelle Burrows, threatened the jury, telling them their “faces will be remembered.” Why isn’t this leftist hack facing punishment and a trial for disbarment?

Here’s more analysis of the case from Tim Pool, joined by a panel including Ian Crossland as well as Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch.

Antifa’s New Super Soldier

In today’s video, we take a look at a recent photo of Lia Thomas, showing her wearing a shirt that says “Antifa Super Soldier.” More from Awaken with JP.

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