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Vampirism In Silicon Valley

Alex Jones was right again. Silicon Valley is using kid blood to slow aging. The transfusions aren’t always natural, either. There are hints of a dark vampirism that exists in Silicon Valley just as it does in Hollywood. More from The Salty Cracker.


Twitter PR Exec Banned Trump

In retrospect, the permanent ban of President Trump from Twitter can be described as a cultural event. Why? Because Trump pretty much lived on Twitter. It was his unique way of expressing his personality by sidestepping the media and perhaps the most powerful method of connecting with his constituents.

But as we contemplate the aftermath of the censorship, looney Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wasn’t solely responsible for the banishment, although he whole-heartedly supported it. The true architect of Trump’s suspension was Vidaya Gadde, a PR executive at Twitter and, ironically, the daughter of ulra-conservative Indian immigrants, who moved to the U.S. in the late 1970s or early ’80s. She received an Ivy League education at Cornell and went to New York University Law School, before making a beeline to Silicon Valley. Says Dinesh D’Souza, Gadde was probably part of the great Indian diaspora of very conservative Indian families who came to America. “If you look at the way they behave, it’s to the right of Pat Robertson.”

So how did Gadde assume an ideology that was so alien to what her culture believes and thinks. D’Souza says the answer is simple. What happens to these Asian Americans who attend elite schools and plant themselves in progressive American cities, is that they assimilate to progressive culture. “In other words, they want to become American, and becoming American for them is assimilating to the culture of Yale, or the culture of Cornell or the culture of San Francisco.” He adds that part of this assimilation is coming up with made-up stories of gender discrimination or racism. A sad epithet, indeed.

Here’s more from D’Souza, including is own skit of what really happened in the Gadde family.

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Attack On The Capitol

The events at the U.S. Capitol have less to do with the Left vs Right and more to do with Us vs Them. Get ready for more censoring of the internet and shunning of people from society. We are now entering the beginning stages of the Chinese system of censorship.

In two short years, social media companies went from promising a one-time exception to ban Alex Jones to banning Donald Trump, the sitting President of the United States. It looks like that slippery slope was pretty steep. If you thought cancel culture was bad before, just wait to see what is coming. The attack on the Capitol will inevitably become just another attack on your rights. More from WhatsHerFace.

Outside the U.S. Capitol, we have seen the staged attack used as a pretense by Silicon Valley and Big Tech to push censorship faster and farther than anyone ever imagined we would see in a nation founded on the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants outlines the parameters of the sweeping Purge being orchestrated by the goons who run Silicon Valley. Before defeating an enemy, it’s important to know precisely who is the enemy, how they operate and what ways you might be able to stop the carnage by striking close to the belly of the Beast.

Twitter has been leading the charge for these nincompoops. Styxhexenhammer666 is now calling the platform “Adolf Twitler!” Here, Styx dissects Jack Dorsey’s lame explanation for why Twitter has permanently banned the President of the United States. Says Styx, “What a mess!”

The Purge doesn’t even involve content creators pushing Insurrection, but sites like Computing Forever, Dave Cullen’s creative work out of Ireland, which just got nixed by YouTube. What this tells you: This is not censorship for the reasons they are citing, but censorship being applied for deeper purposes against anyone who is idiosyncratic and doesn’t march with the Leftists.

And what’s so funny about the Leftists? They really don’t even have a beat. They’re in sync with the pounding drums of billionaire Fascists and their globalist corporations.  And if you want to talk about the threats of violence, look no farther than Antifa and Black Lives Matters, the two goon squads that burned a good chunk of America’s cities last summer, particularly targeting the properties of independently owned, mom and pop businesses. Keep your eyes and ears open. We would not be surprised if it turns out that one or both of these same groups, Antifa and BLM, actually orchestrated the U.S. Capitol takeover.

Stop The Steal

It’s now crystal clear that Left-leaning nonprofit, non-governmental organizations teamed up with Silicon Valley to spread chaos on election day. Using the COVID-19 pandemic as a ruse to engineer their sinister plan, they inflated mail-in and absentee ballots to cheat.

Conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin says that among the likely suspects is The Center for Tech and Civic Life, a far Left nonprofit organization, which was funded to the tune of at least $250 million by the Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Foundation (of Facebook fame), which teamed up with Google and Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar to  sprinkle this money throughout the country, targeting battleground states. Perennially corrupt Philadelphia topped the list of cities receiving funds with $10 million, followed by Detroit at $3.5 million and Minneapolis at $3 million. Four Wisconsin cities, led by Milwaukee, appeared in the Top 10.

“There are no coincidences,” Malkin says. “It appears to me that the Justice Department fell down on the job. I notified a top official at the White House about this in late September, nothing happened then and so now we’re playing catch-up in the courts.”

Ground zero for the chicanery appears to be in the Midwestern swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Michigander and member of the Michigan Conservative Coalition Matthew Seely is one of the grass-roots activists on the ground attempting to halt the corruption. He verified Malkin’s reports of mysterious white vans driving up to polling locations with pallets of ballots and describes how Republican observers and challengers are being locked out of areas where votes are being tabulated.

Tune in as Malkin digs deeper into the Democrat corruption and provides actual video evidence at the polling locations.

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Digital Stormtroopers

The biggest interference threat in the 2020 election is not Russia, it’s Silicon Valley. This should come as no surprise after a leaked video revealed how horrified Google execs were over Donald Trump’s 2016 win. Glenn interviews the researcher who intends to expose the faceless plot to thwart a second Trump presidency. Dr. Robert Epstein, a Democrat, claims Big Tech can shift 15 million votes and has made it his mission to save democracy for voters of every political leaning. When we reveal all the tools and techniques they use to manipulate the average American user, you’ll never look at Twitter, Facebook, and Google the same way again. Here’s a special report from Glenn Beck and Blaze TV subtitled How Big Tech Will Silence You and Steal The Election.

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In addition to the social media platforms, we are seeing increasing signs of disarray at Amazon, the e-commerce powerhouse. Candace Owens has a new book out called Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape From the Democratic Plantation.   She says she has received more than 1,000 complaints from readers, all of whom ordered books through Amazon. These readers reported their books had been stomped upon, and had their covers smeared. In certain cases, the books were covered with Vaseline.

This was only a problem with the books received through Amazon. Books purchased at book stores were all A-OK.

So, apparently, Amazon has a few radical Leftist employees who just couldn’t resist defacing a conservative’s work! Says Owens, “I know it must have pained you to ship out all 90,000 copies you had in stock — but this is unacceptable.”

We’ll keep an eye out for other instances of Leftist anarchy at Amazon. If they can’t keep these goons in check, they need to fire them, and bring in a few workers who actually have some ethics! In the meantime, patronize your local book outlets. Don’t support Amazon unless Jeff Bezos can run a tighter ship!


Newt Gingrich isn’t the only conservative being muzzled by Fox News. Now, we learn that former US Attorney Joe diGenova, along with his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing, are being blackballed by Fox News. The reason: The same as what befell Newt Gingrich. DiGenova and Toensing are being silenced because they went onto Lou Dobbs Show and identified former Nazi collaborator George Soros as the man responsible for much of the funding behind Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Fox News has already issued an apology to Gingrich, but if they are actually applying the same kinds of overt fascism against others, we can no longer support that network. We will be monitoring them closely over the next few weeks. More of this malarkey, and we will drop Fox as a credible news outlet worth bookmarking or referencing. It’s time the mainstream media showed some spine and accurately portrayed Soros for what he is: a Leftist pig,  a CIA thug and a foreign manipulator trying to subvert the greatest country in the world.  If you’re going to sidestep the real news, Fox, just run a crochet or needlepoint channel.

Big Tech All In For Biden

When Susan Molinari, a former Republican member of Congress and a current Google lobbyist, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, the message was direct and simple: Silicon Valley is on your side. And by inviting Molinari to speak, the DNC was sending a message of its own to Big Tech: If Joe Biden wins, you can keep your monopoly and extend your control over our lives.

It’s a bargain that’s been a long time in the making. There’s a reason that Biden and Kamala Harris head the Democrat Party ticket. It’s not because Democrats love them so much, it’s because they’re compliant. After shilling for corporations for decades, Biden doesn’t pose any threat to Big Tech, and no politician has used her ability more effectively than Harris in stirring racial tensions to divide the county.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says the implications are beyond the election. “This is about how much power the tech monopolies will have.”

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Ghislaine Moved To Brooklyn

Ghislaine Maxwell has been moved to New York, where she is now incarcerated at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. Some have described this jail as a “third-world hell hole,” and Maxwell could remain in custody there for months awaiting trial. Meanwhile, she has hired as her defense attorney Christian Everdell, the lawyer who as a prosecutor, helped to put down El Chapo.

In another new development, Ellen Pao, the former CEO of REDDIT, says she was invited to a Silicon Valley party in 2011 attended by Maxwell. At the time, says Pao, word was circulating that Maxwell had helped to supply underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. More from We Are Change.

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Defund the Po-Po?

In this video, we talk about what the movement for defunding the po-po really means, using their own materials and infographics. More from Really Graceful.

Meanwhile, Project Veritas continues its undercover series showing the radical roots of Antifa. In this video, we learn about an off-shoot called RefuseFa, or Refuse Fascism. They are pushing the idea of thousands, if not millions, of protesters taking over the streets of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and a few other cities to try to force President Donald Trump to resign. In other words, have 1 percent of the population dictate demands to the other 99 percent.

This is crazy talk by radical schmucks who should be earning themselves prison berths. Who is funding these loonies? Here, we find it’s not just George Soros, but also possibly Tom Steyer as well as some of the idiots in Silicon Valley. Of course, none of these donors want to be associated with the radical leftists. Of course not!

Could California Face Tsunamis?

What’s the worst case scenario if the Cascadia Subduction Zone lets loose and volcanos, earthquakes and tsunamis are unleashed? Filmmaker, book author and renowned radio host Steve Quayle warns, “The amount of damage, and I am going to choose my words carefully, is going to be precedent setting. It’s going to be the combination of volcanos going off that are inland from the subduction zone where the plates meet, coupled with tsunamis. . . . When this happens, you will lose eight million to twenty million people. When it happens, you will lose all productivity in the electronic field, obviously Silicon Valley, and all food production in all of California, Oregon and Washington. When it happens, you will have a State of Emergency unlike any other. How about the refugees? There will be 3.5 million refugees to take care of. When this happens, what happens to the underground aquifers, and where does everybody go for fresh water? There will be years of drought, years of famine and years of water, water where did it all go? It is a very dire situation painted by computer models. This is not a sensational thing. It is a reality based, scientific study with the application of what happens.”

Quayle warns that the public would likely have roughly “15 minutes to get to safety,” and “the tsunami waves would be 500 to 1,500 feet tall.”

Quayle is putting his trailer film out now even though the film project is not going to be done until the early part of 2020. He is doing this as a public warning.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with renowned radio host, author and filmmaker Steve Quayle.

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This is one of the most eye-opening and sobering interviews you will ever hear. The startling information shared here affects every single person in the United Staes, and every single person on earth. Listen as SGTReport discusses the California fires with Deborah Tavares in a video called Fires: Behind the Smoke: The Death Agenda.


Liberal Attacker On Prowl

Want to see just how vicious and deranged Liberals are turning? Watch this video of a Liberal fascist in Los Gatos, Calif., attacking a couple of Trump supporters staffing an information table. Los Gatos is in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the region south of San Francisco that serves as hub for all the Big Tech companies including Google and Facebook. If this is the kind of environment existing in the communities surrounding these companies, maybe it’s time they relocated to other places, cities more balanced and representatives of broader American views.

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