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Define Treason, Subversion

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are trying to control the narrative, but it is failing. The people are awake and they see what is really happening. The c19 event is not working. People are no longer afraid. The protests are not working. People only see the riots. The patriots are in control. The appeals court ruled that foreign detainees at Guantanamo Bay do not have the right to make due process claims in court. Define treason, subversion, remember the questions Lindsey Graham asked Kavanaugh. More from the X22 Report.

Black Conservative Patriot evaluates the scenarios that could allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to become President at noon on Jan. 20, 2021. We doubt this is going to happen. More Democrats are abandoning that radicalized party, so chances are, they will lose this election in a big way and not only get defeated for President, but also see House and Senate seats disappear, as well as governorships and state races. We would prefer to see Pelosi arrested on treason and sedition charges. Also in this video: U.S. Marshalls have rescued 39 abducted children being held by sex traffickers in the state of Georgia. One more defeat for the skanky Democrats and their Satanist allies!

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Only one party promotes God. The Democrats have thrown their lot in with Satan. They are not only deceivers, but also vile snakes and terrorists. Green castles! The stage is set! Nessun Dorma — Let No One Sleep! It’s time we address the sum of all fears. So much symbolism. Be prepared for what you will find. More from And We Know.

The Democrats remain on a road to destruction. They are trying to drag America into the cellar, but instead they are proving with irrefutable certainty that they are a party driven by terrorism and violence. Now that it’s becoming obvious they will lose the 2020 election — even after massive cheating and greater attempts at cheating — their jittery leaders like Nancy Pelosi are turning bitter and nervous, accusing the Republicans of all the scams and manipulations the Democrats have been pulling off for years. They are revving up their attacks against Q-Anon, just as their mainstream media tries to reassert its control over the news. Keep at it, losers! More from the SGTReport.

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