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Hillary’s Satanic Tendencies

If there’s one thing the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has revealed, it’s the section of elites that are into abusing children. These are very powerful people, driven by a strong satanic component.

Among those at the very top of the list is the Clinton Crime Family, specifically Hillary Clinton. Her alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his Lolita Express, and her satanic crimes against children have been well-documented, though the mainstream media has stood stoutly behind her, writing off the allegations as nonsense perpetrated by crackpot conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

Activist and investigative reporter Shaun Attwood maintains that the evidence against Epstein, the Clintons and other elites is overwhelming. For example, he says, “Look at the video of the art in Epstein’s house. The art was twisted, not to mention all the photographs he had of kids on his walls in various poses and lacking clothes.” Attwood also points to a recent photograph of Hillary Clinton at her laptop computer, recording a podcast. The computer is propped up by a book titled Erotics, by Italian glass artist Lucio Bubacco, which is described by one online seller to feature “carnivalesque orgies, crystalline incubi (male demons having sex with sleeping women) and erotic fantasies in glass.”

In the following report, Attwood takes dead aim at the Clinton Crime Family and these dregs of society. He says, “If there’s anything close to Satanism on the world, Hillary Clinton is the personification of it.”

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