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No Cake For You, Sue

In Pursuit of Truth surfaces on Bitchute for the first time in the aftermath of the Great Reset and Massacre of Patriotic Sites on YouTube. This video, less than two minutes, is a short compendium of the places where you can still find IPOT in the wake of YouTube’s cowardly and communistic censorship.

And IPOT reminds us: “There’s no cake left over for you, Sue.” Could he be referring to the head Bolshevik over at YouTube, Susan Wojcicki? Freedom-loving minds have to ponder the many possibilities!

Winter is coming for the Big Tech oligarchs. So says Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He opens this And We Know video, appropriately called Censorship, Town Halls and Nods…Oh My.

Just like In Pursuit of Truth as well as And We Know, Lori Colley lost her YouTube channel in Thursday’s massacre. She has now resurfaced on Rumble with her first new video since the slap from the YouTube censors. She says, ” Hunter’s laptop contents have the Deep State running for cover, expending ammo and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at people sharing the truth.” She adds, “We are fearless.”

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