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They don’t age well. Who are they? We’re talking about the genetically engineered, AI-enhanced, bi-gender, goat goad wannabes!

Here, drawing upon banned videos that shine a light on the deception, McAllisterTV gives us a closer look at a bunch of these wannabes, starting with Aleister Crowley and progressing into the Hollywood spawn: Val Kilmer! Cher! John Travolta! David Letterman’s wife Regina! Sylvester Stallone! And even the little environmental prick Greta Thunberg!

Sit back and learn. Our hat trick goes to Susan Wojcicki, the YouTube CEO who ordered so many of these videos banned. Keep pushing your censorship, Susan. The more you try to erase the truth, the more we learn.


Facebook Upholds Trump Ban

Facebook’s oversight board has upheld the social media platform’s ban on former President Donald Trump. What this tells us: There is no oversight board. All that these idiots have done is back up the rest of the CIA-controlled managers at Facebook who used every power within their reach to work against President Trump’s re-election.

The head of this den of thieves — Mark Zuckerberg — even spent $500 million of his own money pushing the campaign of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If Zuckerberg wants to support total idiots like these two toads,that’s his prerogative. But when all of Facebook follows suit, even going so far as to ban a standing President, that’s a different kettle of fish.

As far as we’re concerned, all of these Leftists bastards need to rot in prison for their crimes, amd that goes for Jack Dorsey at Twitter and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki as well.

In the meantime, try to stop using any of these social media platforms. Turn to their alternatives that aren’t practicing Communist Chinese style censorship. These assholes arem’t going to be so adamant if their companies all continue to suffer regular and massive financial loses that they can no longer sustain.

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YouTube Given Free Speech Prize

In a bizarre flip worthy of The Twilight Zone, YouTube has received a prize for supporting free speech. We’re telling a joke, right? Wrong!

The Freedom Forum Institute actually thinks YouTube supports free speech. They have given YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki the award, saying YouTube stands for “free and fearless expression.”

YouTube, of course, has spent much of the last year throttling free speech and thumbing its nose at the U.S. Constitution by kicking hundreds, if not thousands, of content creators off the platform for expressing views that don’t fit within YouTube’s leftist platform. In some cases, people have had their entire life’s work wiped out by this blatant censorship.

So the Freedom Forum Institute can spin lies all they want. We’re going to keep calling Wojcicki exactly what she is: A phony and a flaming fascist! More from Mark Dice.






The Big Tech Banhammer Falls

I will never learn how to pronounce this woman’s name. More from RazorFist.

Praying Medic Is Back

Dave Hayes, the Praying Medic, joins RedPill78 to discuss the mounting censorship we have all been seeing. The Praying Medic has previously appeared on RedPill78, but YouTube has deleted those shows, so you can catch up with him, here and now, on Bitchute. Learn about his new book as well as his views on all the latest news. Also, RedPill78 says look for his old censored shows to resurface soon on Bitchute.

In other words, score another one for the good guys! And go screw the pooch, Susan Wojcicki!

Jordan Sather offers a valuable lesson in interpreting the lexicon of messages released under the banner of “Q” beginning in October of 2017. Sather explains there are anons who have interpreted the meaning of those 4,000-plus messages, most of which originally appeared on 8Kun or its predecessor 8Chan. But in spite of the misguidance of critics, many from the mainstream media, there is no such thing as QAnon. Here’s why.

The Boss Of The Chinese Deal

Tony Bobulinski says he met with Joe Biden in Los Angeles, and “he’s the boss of the Chinese deal.” Here, Black Conservative Patriot explores exactly what was involved in that deal, as well as Biden’s separate bribe-taking and corrupt arrangements with the Russians.

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The [Deep State][Central Bankers] are now pushing their economic agenda. They have tried for four years to bring the economy down, but they have failed. Now, they want to bring the market down right before the election. This has failed before they implemented the plan. Trump is holding on to the last piece of data. Watch what happens.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being bombarded by so much information that they needed to change the narrative. They just tried to do this. It will not last. Why? More information is about to drop. Pics were released with [Hunter Biden] and a minor. This is the beginning stages of crimes against humanity. The hunted have now become the hunters, confirmed by the Department of Justice. Zero day is approaching. Everything will be revealed. More from the X22 Report.

Tony Bobulinski speaks. Secret Huma Abedin email accounts surface, filled with damaging anti-American propaganda. Big Tech CEOs lie before Congress. Our opinion: Time to break up every one of these social media platforms that engaged in rank censorship this election cycle. No mercy for Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) or Susan Wojcicki (YouTube). More from RedPill78.’s-Lie-Before-Congress:f

Proof is seemingly starting to emerge showing Hunter Biden with a minor — a minor who was a close relative. Meanwhile, one of President Donald Trump’s mega-rallies in Arizona got buzzed and threatened by a rogue plane. The military dispatched an F35 to intercept the plane. More from JustInformed Talk.

The hunters have become the hunted. The FBI on Wednesday announced arresting 8 Chinese agents who had been engaged in espionage and sabotage within the United States. More from The Patriot Hour.

No Cake For You, Sue

In Pursuit of Truth surfaces on Bitchute for the first time in the aftermath of the Great Reset and Massacre of Patriotic Sites on YouTube. This video, less than two minutes, is a short compendium of the places where you can still find IPOT in the wake of YouTube’s cowardly and communistic censorship.

And IPOT reminds us: “There’s no cake left over for you, Sue.” Could he be referring to the head Bolshevik over at YouTube, Susan Wojcicki? Freedom-loving minds have to ponder the many possibilities!

Winter is coming for the Big Tech oligarchs. So says Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He opens this And We Know video, appropriately called Censorship, Town Halls and Nods…Oh My.

Just like In Pursuit of Truth as well as And We Know, Lori Colley lost her YouTube channel in Thursday’s massacre. She has now resurfaced on Rumble with her first new video since the slap from the YouTube censors. She says, ” Hunter’s laptop contents have the Deep State running for cover, expending ammo and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at people sharing the truth.” She adds, “We are fearless.”

Senate Focuses On CIA

Senators Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, are narrowing in on the Clowns in America, State Department and a host of Clinton acolytes in their request for information during the course of their Russia investigation. Valerie Jarrett sidesteps answering whether of not Obama directed spying against Trump. Louisville Cuban community refuses to capitulate to Mafia tactics and Sen Cruz holds hearing on anarchist violence across America. More from RedPill78.

President Donald Trump is on fire! He might extend the stimulus by executive order! He trolls his Democratic opponent Joe Biden and leads him in most swing states. Also, Trump is considering action to sue Nevada’s mail-in voting plot. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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In Pursuit of Truth rolls out cake for everyone except YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, celebrating several new milestones for the channel — not only on YouTube but also Twitter, Parler and Bitchute. It’s a Mailbag session as IPOT reads through some of the most worthy responses from the channel’s thousands of subscribers. Also, a warning: There’s a second In Pursuit of Truth channel that has popped up. It’s patriotic in theme, but it’s not IPOT so should not be mistaken as such.

There’s a storm brewing right behind President Donald Trump. It’s coming. Get ready. Batten down the hatches. More from the X22 Report.

Patriots stand united against the global Covid-19 “obey push.” Not only in  the United States, but in Germany and across Europe, people are beginning to see this virus as an attempt to strip away our freedoms and install a world order under the hegemony of the Communist Chinese. It was never about the virus, but rather a vile power grab! More from And We Know.



Inside Brennan’s Black Book

The black book intelligence organization created by John Brennan, the Analysis Corporation, is a major part of the Spygate scandal. Ezra Cohen-Watnick has been investigating since 2017. Also, even the Treasury Department spied on General Michael Flynn and members of President Donald Trump’s family. This Treasury Department surveillance came out of the Office of Intelligence Analysis, run by former CIA officer S. Leslie Ireland. Ireland also had been the daily, personal intelligence briefer for President Barack Obama What a scuzz Obama was! More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media event has failed. The [DS] weapons are being used against them. We have now learned that Trump has been taking HCQ. Barr came out and said that as of today he has seen nothing to push criminal charges against Obama, keyword, today. Criminal v Military, the more you know. Optics are important.More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth has baked a half dozen or so cakes. He’s fistbumping all of his neighbors after his video channel has reached 200,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 100,000 on Twitter. But no cake, of course, for YouTube’s censor-minded CEO Susan Wojcicki. Maybe she should get an exfoliating garlic scrub every time she bans another patriot from YouTube!

This video is called For Easton. That’s a shoutout to Michael Easton, who writes and edits the Easton Spectator. That’s a website that long has gone where the mainstream media refuses to venture, looking into such topics as the New World Order, geoengineering and cannabis health.

Otherwise, because he’s no homo, IPOT salutes Maria Bartiromo and her Sunday morning interview with President Donald Trump. James Woods stirred up a nest of hornets on Twitter over the weekend after calling President Donald Trump best president of Woods’ lifetime. We’ll go farther out on a limb: President Trump is the best president since the Act of 1871, which stripped the US of its sovereign powers and put us under the doormat of the Rothschilds! We’ll leave it for another day to argue whether Trump beats out Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln!

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How does Elon Musk’s character play in this movie? Is he a black hat, a white hat, a gray hat? Should we trust the guy now that he’s exchanging tweets with President Donald Trump? Or is just looking out for his own skin? More from TRUreporting.

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We caught them! So says President Donald Trump as Boom Week 3 begins. Who remains in our sights this week? Everyone’s game, except Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as Attorney General William Barr has announced that neither is the focus on any active pros at this time. More from And We Know News.

Of Biblical Proportions

Now it’s Lady Gaga down with the flu, Bill Maher cancelling his show indefinitely, and other headliners infected. What’s going on? Is this an adrenochrome problem? Join me for a review of where we are in the birth pains, plus scripture and prayer. More from Lori Colley.

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Corey from Corey’s Digs joins SGTReport to discuss… well, just guess. The discussion covers how Bill Gates and his various non-profits have a stranglehold over vaccine and infectious disease programs. They are not improving our scientific knowledge but working to stave off opposing views and to enforce adult vaccinations. Gates grew up in a eugenics environment and cannot be trusted to do what is good or correct or scientific. It’s time independent, and true scientific bodies re-asserted control over these spheres of knowledge and the public health domain.

Styxhexenhammer666 has some good news and some bad news. The good news? For the first time since he’s been commenting and reporting on coronavirus daily since January, the number of new cases Tuesday was actually lower than the number of new cases Monday. So perhaps we’re seeing a little bit of relief, perhaps some slowing or moderation in the spread of the virus.

The bad news? YouTube is continuing to screw over independent content creators, now using the coronavirus as an excuse to do so. These clowns never learn and never stop. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki should have had her ass fired a long time ago. What a disgraceful corporate officer who never has shown the slightest interest in upholding the public’s right to free speech and free press. And if YouTube doesn’t stand for free speech and free press, what exactly is it? A Leftist mouthpiece? Another lying and manipulative corporate mainstream media platform? We don’t know exactly yet, but we’ve seen enough of Wojcicki to last a couple of lifetimes.

Otherwise, Styx summarizes the pandemic, which now stands at 183,000 reported cases worldwide. There’s been a lot more dumb mass panic happening. And there’s been more Chinese propaganda, which is never surprising.

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Destroying the Illusion discusses the rumors, apparently fake, of a full-scale quarantine pending. Also in this edition: POTUS and his team offer an update on COVID-19. Sidney Powell has issued some stern comments on the sex trafficking of children and the disgusting contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Finally, the CEO of Lockheed Martin is resigning.

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