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Inside The Biden Laptop Scandal

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal is quickly taking an even stranger turn. Now, we are not just seeing pictures of his crooked penis and how he watches his father on TV while getting footjobs. We are seeing signs of massive corruption, where the elite engage in crimes that could send poor Americans into prison for life.

Just how many of the rich and famous have been partaking with Hunter. Now, we know Paul Pelosi, the son of Nancy Pelosi, is a member of this adrift cadre. It’s looking like Malia Obama is as well. How many others will be exposed? More from Styxhexenhammer666.

New Biden Videos LEAKED Triggering Democrat And Media PANIC. Fake News DESPERATELY Defends Joe Biden. The media coverup may be the bigger scandal and will go down in history for its brazen and overt actions.

Democrats are clearly freaking out over the Hunter Biden Joe Biden laptop scandal. More videos are emerging confirming the authenticity of the information. Yet media outlets are doing everything in their power to hide the story or claim it’s a lie.

Trump and Republicans now face an unprecedented challenge of defeating not just Democrats and Joe Biden but every major media outlet that is now working at the behest of the crony Democratic Party establishment. More from Tim Pool.

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