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Hunter’s Hard Drive

The game’s afoot! Did Hunter Biden crack the campaign wide open? More from RazorFist.


Terrence Popp does a succinct breakdown showing what is wrong with the Joe Biden Crime Family and the other Liberals who have been enriching themselves, taking huge payoffs and bribes from the Chinese and other dank countries, while selling out America. Needless to say, the Leftist press has been remiss as well, choosing to indulge in propaganda for these Democrats, while declining to report on the rampant crimes and corruption. More from Redonkulas.

Styxhexenhammer666 did five videos Monday, rather than his usual four videos. Why? He wanted to react to the latest Gateway Pundit drops concerning the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. These new allegations are, in the words of Styx, “completely insane.” If true, they represent “the bombshell of bombshells.” There’s no way in hell Joe Biden can survive the repercussions. So we will need to carefully weigh these new allegations and see whether they will stick, or quickly be discarded.

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