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Legal Suits May Spark Violence

President Trump’s legal challenge of the 2020 election appears to be hanging on the outcome of the vote in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, both at the ballot boxes and courts.

Team Trump filed suit in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, asking for a stay on the vote until ballots filed after election day are tossed. In addition, Team Trump’s suit in Alleghany County, Pa., charges that the Republican Party was blocked from observing the vote. In Michigan, there is a suit in Wayne County, home to the state’s largest city of Detroit, which harbors a long history of voter fraud. The suit, which will be heard in U.S. District Court, alleges the county violated all kinds of laws.

Then there’s Georgia, where an ongoing recount has already uncovered uncounted ballots in two counties. A flip in the results there will surely throw the election into a tailspin. Political commentator Bill O’Reilly says its more than likely that the suits, especially in Pennsylvania, will keep the United States Supreme Court busy in the next few weeks. But one problem lingers, he says. If SCOTUS grants the stay in Pennsylvania, it will trigger street violence like we’ve never seen. “The court knows that and the authorities know that, therefore that is a factor in these rulings,” he says. “Maybe it shouldn’t be, because the Constitution doesn’t say that if there’s going to be violence, you shouldn’t rule the proper way. The law is the law, but it better be pretty darn big.” Here’s more with O’Reilly on The First.

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