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Stop The Tyranny

With the radical Democrat Party now fully in control of Washington, D.C., there is a crisis of major proportions developing. And the consequences will be dire. Jim Hoft, founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, says America has to wake up to tyranny now and it all starts with rectifying the massive voter fraud that occurred on Nov. 3.

In an exclusive interview, Hoft tells video blogger Courtenay Turner that people have to know exactly what happened with the election. “We’re not America anymore. When you don’t have rule of law, when you don’t have the Supreme Court doing its job, when you have these other courts that just allow this fraud to happen, we’re in a very dangerous situation, somewhere we haven’t been since the Civil War.”

The wake-up call, says Hoft, has to begin with the Republican Party cleaning house of all the RINOS. “We need people with spines. We’re going up against Marxism,” he says. “We’re going up against people who want to shut your mouth.” At this point, Hoft says, the only man who could right the ship is Donald J. Trump. Popular future candidates, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz or former Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley are admiral fighters, but Trump is the only one who can save America. Here’s more with Hoft discussing the importance of truth, transparency, free speech and journalistic integrity.

Stone: Trump Will Roll In 2024

President Trump political confidant Roger Stone returns to the limelight, reflecting on his travails and the state of the Republican Party. Following the disaster and thievery by the Democrats in the Presidential election, Stone, who believes Trump will roll unencumbered to the 2024 Republican nomination if he chooses to run, tells Alex Jones on InfoWars that there are three major components to a successful recovery by the GOP.

“If we don’t fix the internet censorship problem, and therefore we can’t fix the election-law problem and therefore we can’t clean house in the Republican Party–three important steps–I don’t know why he would want to run.” Stone says everything is upside down in today’s political spectrum. The Democrats were long the party of peace, civil rights and civil liberties and the Republicans the party of war and loved the FBI. Now, he says, everything is backward.

Here’s more with Stone, as he continues to call former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a swamp creature, talks about the Democrats’ failed attempt to incriminate him in the Russian collusion scandal and disses the RINOS who turned on President Trump.

JFK: A Conservative Today?

President John F. Kennedy lowered taxes, opposed abortion, supported gun rights and believed in a strong military. A strong, conservative Republican, right? Not quite. JFK was the darling of the Democrat Party in the early 1960s, though the party was a lot more moderate than today’s looney tunes.

Fast forward to 2021 and PragerU’s Will Witt asks, “Would JFK be a conservative today? In the years since the JFK Administration, the Left has become much more radical and, although many people look up to JFK for his liberal causes, a closer look at his policies paints a different picture. Kennedy was a lifelong NRA member and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and he believed that a well-equipped military was the answer, as demonstrated in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today, the Left supports abortion, even up to nine months. Kennedy would have never approved of that. In the following presentation, Witt digs deeper into JFK’s policies and comes to the conclusion that our 35th President just might have moved to the other side of the aisle.

Rush Limbaugh Dead

Rush Limbaugh, the monumentally influential media icon who transformed talk radio and politics in his decades behind the microphone, helping shape the modern-day Republican Party, died Wednesday at the age of 70 after a battle with Stage 4 lung cancer, his family announced. Here’s more from Fox News.

O’Reilly: Will Trump Run In ’24?

Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn Beck that the impeachment fiasco by Democrats was not about President Trump. Rather, he says, it was a calculated strategy to not only diminish the Republican Party (which they succeeded in doing), but also to diminish Trump supporters, too.

“It wasn’t about Donald Trump, as far as the big picture is concerned,” O’Reilly says. “They hate him, they want to hurt him as much as possible and that is a given.” He says there are people on the payroll of the Democrat Political Action Committees that come up with these strategies to harm the opposition. This time around, they focused on playing the siege on Capitol Hill video over and over.

O’Reilly opines that law enforcement, Congress and even President Trump were surprised by the siege, although many political pundits disagree. So what are the consequences for the 2024 election? Will Trump have the discipline it takes to run? Tune in for O’Reilly’s take on Blaze TV.

Meghan McCain the Flip-Flopper

To impeach or not to impeach? That’s the dilemma facing Meghan McCain, who finds herself on shaky ground after flip-flopping once again on President Trump.

McCain announced she favored impeaching Trump on the same day it readily appeared that Democrats would not have the votes to do so. Problem is, earlier in the week, on the set of “The View,” she lauded the principles of conservatism and the Republican Party, even after the ascendency of  President Trump, saying, “I’ll die fighting for it. I’m a lifelong conservative, unlike these heretics. I was born into this, raised into this, it’s my whole entire life.”

She then condemned Trump for inciting the siege on Capitol Hill and said he deserved to be impeached. What a hypocrite. Of course, the bad blood most certainly arises from the frigid relationship Trump had with Meghan’s father, Sen. John McCain, an issue that was not resolved before the latter’s death. Here’s more with Elijah Schaffer on Next News Network.

Enough Of Andrew Cuomo

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Derrick Gibson says the senseless rhetoric spewing from Gov. Andrew Cuomo has reached its zenith and enough is enough. The reaction came after Cuomo’s persistent claims that he’s done a great job in the Big Apple, despite a crumbling economy, the worst coronavirus response in the nation, rising crime and massive unemployment.

“I’ve been in the streets for two years and I’ve been talking to mostly Democrats in the State of New York, and trying to convince them why they should support me,” says Gibson, who will attempt to unseat Cuomo in the 2022 election. “I have a lot of Democrats and liberals supporting me, and also a lot from the LGBTQ community.” He says that it’s important that he gets 25-30 percent of the vote in New York City, because he’s confident the more conservative areas of northern New York state will support him. Here’s more with Gibson on Newsmax.


Legal Suits May Spark Violence

President Trump’s legal challenge of the 2020 election appears to be hanging on the outcome of the vote in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania, both at the ballot boxes and courts.

Team Trump filed suit in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, asking for a stay on the vote until ballots filed after election day are tossed. In addition, Team Trump’s suit in Alleghany County, Pa., charges that the Republican Party was blocked from observing the vote. In Michigan, there is a suit in Wayne County, home to the state’s largest city of Detroit, which harbors a long history of voter fraud. The suit, which will be heard in U.S. District Court, alleges the county violated all kinds of laws.

Then there’s Georgia, where an ongoing recount has already uncovered uncounted ballots in two counties. A flip in the results there will surely throw the election into a tailspin. Political commentator Bill O’Reilly says its more than likely that the suits, especially in Pennsylvania, will keep the United States Supreme Court busy in the next few weeks. But one problem lingers, he says. If SCOTUS grants the stay in Pennsylvania, it will trigger street violence like we’ve never seen. “The court knows that and the authorities know that, therefore that is a factor in these rulings,” he says. “Maybe it shouldn’t be, because the Constitution doesn’t say that if there’s going to be violence, you shouldn’t rule the proper way. The law is the law, but it better be pretty darn big.” Here’s more with O’Reilly on The First.

GOP Women At The Forefront

The Democrat Party’s talk of a great Blue Wave evaporated in a hurry, once the American electorate had its say on election night. Among the big winners were Republican women who blocked Speaker Nancy Pelosi from adding to the Democrat House majority.

A whopping 13 women will join the Republican caucus, including a stunner in Iowa, where everyday Iowan and mom Ashley Hinson upended heavily favored incumbent Abby Finkenauer. Many of the winners were veterans and minorities and all were non-incumbents. Says Hinson, “I think this is a very clear signal that this is the future of the Republican Party.” Here’s more with Hinson on “Fox & Friends.”

Another Trump Victory

It appears that President Trump and the sensible Republican Party have registered yet another victory. In a stunning about-face, the radical left–specifically Democrat leaders in the black community–are admitting that defunding the police is a bad idea. Recent polls reveal that African Americans not only oppose defunding the police, but also want more law enforcement in their communities.

The numbers absolutely blow away the Democrat narrative of following the wind in their neighborhoods, never initially doing what’s right but what’s politically expedient for their radical cause. Among those shockingly walking back the rhetoric was revered black icon the Rev. Al Sharpton, who echoed what centrists and conservatives have contended from the start: that police do not need to be defunded, but given more support to do a better job. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.

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