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Obama: I Got Away With It

A brash Barack Obama was back on his high horse, trolling President Trump over the birther issue that soiled his first campaign in 2007 and again in 2012. Laughing and yukking it up with “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, Obama bragged, “I was able to get away with not being born in the U.S.”

Ironically, it was the Hillary Clinton 2007 Campaign that attacked Obummer on the birther issue, releasing a memo claiming, “his roots to American values and culture are at best limited.” President Trump revived the issue in 2012, questioning Obama’s birth certificate. He explained that while Obama was growing up in Indonesia as a child, he was known as Barry Sotero and as an 18-year-old in Hawaii, they called him Barry Soweto. Says Trump, “When I was 18, I was Donald Trump.”

Political commentator Martin Brodel says Obama never released his official birth certificate. What he provided to the media in 2012 was a fake document. In the following clip, Brodel also reports on more voter-fraud news in Michigan, AG Bill Barr’s resignation and the latest pronouncement from Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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