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Rogue World Leaders Arrested?

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is taking a major hit in the polls, after calling for a snap election to win back voters. That on the heels of the Trudeau Administration’s Draconian handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent Delta variant.

Martin Brodel has a different view, saying he thinks Trudeau has already been arrested, along with other rogue world leaders from the past. “If you think about it, logically, then you realize most of these people have to be gone, including in this country. Look at it this way. If Hillary and Biden and Obama, and the rest of them were still in power, would I be here? No, of course not.” He adds that all alternative media, all opposition to the Democrat Party’s ideology would be wiped out. “We’d all be in prison,” he says.

Tune in for more of Brodel’s coverage on the pandemic, China’s restriction of “sissy men” on TV and more.

Denmark Scraps Covid Limits

Taking a bold step forward, Denmark will scrap all Covid restrictions in two weeks and stop classifying it as a critical threat. The country’s health minister said the virus no longer poses a threat to society, though the government will act quickly if Covid returns.

Meanwhile, French doctor and physician Christian Peronne, former vice-president of the European Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, says all vaccinated people must be quarantined over the winter months or risk serious illness. He added that coronavirus conditions in Israel and the United Kingdom are rapidly deteriorating, not only requiring quarantine, but also isolation. Martin Brodel brings his passionate response, plus also reports on the Afghanistan debacle and why Sen. Mitch McConnel is talking down Biden impeachment threats.


This Is Why The Good Guys Win

The strategic battle between good and evil forces, which has spanned centuries, if not millennia, is over. And the good guys have emerged victorious. Martin Brodel points us to a video on the Chembuster blog made a few years ago that features an insider with the highly classified Project Looking Glass, which looks into the future using artificial intelligence and advanced computer technology. In the video, the insider confirms the Deep State, aka the Cabal or globalists, have lost their battle to advance The Great Reset.

Brodel says he believes the narrator in the video might be Phil Woods, a man he reported on in an earlier blog, who was hired by Deep State elites to travel to Area 51 in Nevada, peer into the Looking Glass and tell them how to win. Woods did so and saw that they lost. Furthermore, he told them moves had already been made and, no matter what they tried, the result was irreversible. “It’s like two master chess players going at it,” Brodel says. “One master chess player looks ahead and sees he’s lost. The other one looks at it and knows he’s won. And there’s nothing the bad guy can do about it.”

The following is the Chembuster video recorded more than a decade ago, which further explains Project Looking Glass and how it foresaw The Great Awakening. The results are even more miraculous as we see the events described unfold on the planet today.


Lindell Recounts Vicious Attack

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell recounted details of a vicious attack by three males in the Sioux City, N.D., hotel where he was staying during the three-day Cyber Symposium. The assault took place late last Wednesday, following Day 2 of the symposium, where irrefutable evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election was presented.

Martin Brodel reports that in an interview with The Gateway Pundit, Lindell says he was approached by two of the men under the guise of a photo opportunity. When Lindell agreed, a third man rushed up with the same request, then placed a painful martial arts grip in his armpit area. Lindell said the pain was “excruciating and intense.” Following the incident, Lindell phoned police, but the men disappeared before they arrived. Here’s more of the story from Brodel, plus reports on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s suspect relationship with a company producing a coronavirus vaccine, an update on the war against the evil Cabal, Haiti’s devastating 7.2 earthquake and the election fraud case in Fulton County, Ga.

Sadhguru: Drastic Depopulation

Spiritual leader and yogi Sadhguru said at a recent conference on world population that it’s much easier to control depopulation than peoples’ aspirations. He decried that we’re projecting the world population to reach 9.4 billion by 2050, when we should be discussing how to reduce it to 4.4 billion.

The comment angered podcast host Martin Brodel, who says, “He wants to decrease drastically. These people, we mean nothing to them. It blows you away, when you listen to these poeple and you hear how cold they really are.” Hear more of Brodel’s rant, plus how owners of Subway want Megan Rapinoe booted as their spokesperson and the continuing violence on Chicago’s southside, among other items.

Military Move Looming

Reacting to a video by a political blogger who says Trump and the military will make their move when mandatory vaccinations are announced, Martin Brodel says he was a bit perplexed.

Brodel reasoned that he can’t remember Trump announcing his plans to the world in advance, so he suspects the move could happen before the government’s announcement or after. “Whenever the military does step in, whenever they bring the hammer down, it will be just like what happened to Soleimani,” Brodel says. He explains further and also reports on the shocking truth that 87 percent of Covid deaths from the China virus in Scotland and the United Kingdom were indeed people who have been vaccinated, Nevada Democrats suing to block an untested drug for criminal executions and NASCAR going full-mask cultist.

California’s Transgender Prisons

If you thought California couldn’t get any crazier, think again!  A California law now allows for transgender prisons. That’s right, men and women inmates housed together, and it’s already backfired.

Martin Brodel says there are reports that an inmate is pregnant. “Stupid? You bet it is,” Brodel says. “These people are nuts.” He also reports on more looney tunes in California, regarding an LA plant still dumping waste into the Pacific Ocean, the voting legislation in Texas and the Biden Administration’s prospective mask mandate.

If We Get It Wrong, We’re Toast

The white hats and alternative media are heavily vested in telling the truth, setting the record straight and making America truly great again. Their battle against an evil and morally corrupt Deep State has been a struggle, but there’s only one acceptable outcome–victory.

Martin Brodel says there’s so much proof out there regarding the corruption and chaos that has enveloped the country. “And I understand that it’s hard for a lot of people to swallow,” Brodel says. “But just know this: If Brenda (his wife) and I are wrong, we’re all toast. This is for everything, folks. It’s not a game.” Here’s more with Brodel.

Sponsors Abandon Olympics

In a stunning reversal, sponsors are abandoning the Tokyo Summer Olympics, after officials banned spectators from attending the events. Martin Brodel offers his views on the about-face, plus an update on Deep State tactics as the white hats close in, the continued decline of Bitcoin, Americans still on the government dole and the continuing lies of the mainstream media.

Nearly 100 Shot In Chicago!

There were plenty of fireworks in Chicago over the July 4 weekend, including more of the gang-bang type. Martin Brodel reports that nearly 100 people were shot and 16 killed in what has become the most lawless city in the country.

Is that a new record? Seems like it, but Brodel adds, “This is all going to subside once the military takes over. We haven’t had rule of law.” He gives us more of his take on the violence, plus reports on a Chinese scholar reprimanded for making fun of Xi Jinping, U.S. Rep. Cori Bush’s woke comments on Independence Day and the rise of asylum applications in Germany.

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