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Have No Fear, Patriots

The Democrats planning to come to Washington DC to celebrate the inauguration of Joe Biden as President had better thank twice. That’s the advice of Simon Parkes, who says President Donald Trump, his chief military advisors and leaders of the Intelligence agencies have been running one of the greatest sting operations ever devised. Parkes has said this for a few months now but what’s different in his latest video: He spells out more details of the how Trump will prevail, while clamping down on treasonous players.

There has been sophisticated eavesdropping, involving not only the National Security Agency (NSA) but also an advanced computer systems known as Alice, so-named after the children’s book Alice in Wonderland. There are phone and email records, as well as bank statements, showing corrupt public officials have engaged in illicit activities with foreign powers. When will these records be disclosed?  That’s not clear yet.

But in the meantime, expect some form of martial law to unfold. It might not involve the entire country — quite possibly only a few states, or even quadrants within states. Also, look for the military or federal agents to bust some of the para-military protest groups that have sown dissension over the past few years, like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

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A great way to start off the New Year! Thomas Wictor reacts to President Donald Trump’s call for his supporters to come protest in Washington DC on January 6. The implication: It will not be a protest, but a celebration. Watch! Click!

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Likewise, Bill Still says Joe Biden will concede before Jan. 1, 2021. Still says the Deep State is collapsing.

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