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The Spotlight Is On Pence

President Trump is seemingly up against a mountain of opposition as he pushes forward to remedy the fraudulent results of the election. Not only is he warring with the Democrat Party and their acolytes in the mainstream media, but also faces resistance in his own party.

And perhaps the most glaring examples come from Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Ben Sasse and RINO extraordinaire Sen. Mitt Romney.  Even outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr has been suspiciously unsupportive of the President.

But what about Mike Pence?  The Vice-President , who is tasked with the monumental duty of overseeing the certification of the Presidential election on Jan. 6, has been tight-lipped–at least in public–as to which path he will take. So much so that Texas U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert has filed suit against him to force his hand in overturning Trump’s alleged defeat. It’s another twist in the political drama that has dominated this unusual year.

The big question: Will Pence side with the patriots or take a wayward path? H.A. Goodman gives his take on the highly charged issue and analyzes the turmoil facing the Democrat Party.

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