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Now, 2nd American Revolution

We round out 2020 with a year end wrap with Bob Kudla. What will 2021 bring us? Looks like a second American revolution any way you cut it. More from the SGTReport.

In Pursuit of Truth gives us another Two Minutes of Truth. This one’s called Yolo Cholo, and introduces trained al-Qaeda assassin Cholo Abdi Abdullah. He’s a Somalian who has been training in the Philippines with some mighty big American plans. Guess Yolo forgot: You only live once!

Let’s examine the Biden hoax: How the fake news media, Big Tech and corrupt government officials are betraying America. More from JustInformed Talk.

Rinos slithering out of the grass! More ridiculous vaccine news! Plus, the new Omnibus Bill mandates a report on UFOs within the next 180 days. More from Accordin’ to Jordan with Jordan Sather.

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