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Trudeau Can’t Walk Down Street

Canada’s dictatorial President Justin Trudeau gets heckled as he walks down the street in Canada! Hillary Clinton exposed, as is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Kevin McCarthy joins Kari Lake in demonstrating the Republican Party’s new fighting spirit. CNN is once again proven to be an enemy of the people. Buckle up, pray! The battle is just beginning. More from And We Know.

Justin Trudeau might well be on his last legs. That’s the assessment of Steve Turley, who says the resignation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signals the beginning of the end for Trudeau. No longer are Canadians content with Trudeau or backing his Liberal Party. It’s not only those who hounded him on the streets, but a much larger majority that has come to recognize Trudeau’s dishonesty and despise his autocratic positions.

Don’t Forget RINOs, NeoCons

We can’t let the people forget what the RINOs and NeoCons tried to do. Here, Mark Dice takes aim at those in the fake news, like Sean Hannity, who try to sidetrack the conservative movement and lead it astray. There are some reliably conservative and honest pundits at Fox News, but you can’t count Hannity among them.

Likewise, Dice reviews the blatant hypocrisy of Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw might want us to believe he’s a conservative idol, but just Nancy Pelosi, his stock wealth has mushroomed since he’s been in Congress. In other words, stick a fork in this turkey!

The Old Guard Is Shaken

Waking up the masses. Good actors. Many tuned in finally. We know corruption. Pray! More from And We Know.

Is the Freedom Caucus cracking? Kevin McCarthy continues to fight for what he believes to be his spot as Speaker of the House. Lauren Boebert nominates Kevin Hern, an Oklahoma Republican, and Matt Gaetz nominates Trump! Joe Biden reacts.

Bryan Kohberger appears in Idaho court where he is denied bail and remanded to custody. Idaho releases the Kohberger affidavit and probable cause documents, and we review all the latest filings. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Buh-Bye Nancy Pelosi

The Republicans battle it out to see who will lead the party in the U.S. House and replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. There’s been a lot of teeth gnashing as the old RINO division of the party tries to stave off the more insurgent wing, pushing greater transparency and change.

In the process, we’re seeing some of the old conservative media pundits, like Sean Hannity, lose their cool. Former President Donald Trump has stepped forward, calling upon his adherents to back Kevin McCarthy. More from Mark Dice.



Battles Rages For House Speaker

#HouseSpeaker #McCarthy #FreeSpeech

The battle for House Speaker rages on as Kevin McCarthy fails to secure the votes after 3 rounds and counting. A recap of the day’s proceedings and the battle against the swamp. Reactions from McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Chip Roy, Dan Crenshaw and others. Who will be the next Speaker of the House?

#HouseSpeaker #KevinMcCarthy #JimJordan

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal rules that MAGA hats are free speech after a teacher named Eric Dodge sued his school district for discrimination. His case was originally dismissed, but a Ninth Circuit panel accepted the matter and entered their opinion.

#MAGA #FreeSpeech #NinthCircuit

More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

RiNO traitors use blackmail and intimidation to corral dissidents and attempt to control the House speaker’s race. More from JustInformed Talk.

FBI Colluded To Seize Control

The FBI colluded to overthrow the federal government, not only violating the U.S. Constitution and destroying all of our rights but ruthlessly stamping out all opposition like the Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS). The FBI is behind the fake Steele Dossier, hiding the Hunter Biden laptop, and manipulating the elections. In short, says Kash Patel, the FBI overthrew the U.S. Government.

Patel served as the former Chief of Staff to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and is responsible for leading the Secretary’s mission at the Department, including his executive staff and providing counsel to the Secretary on all matters concerning the Department’s operations. Kash oversaw the execution of several of President Donald J. Trump’s top priorities.

Here, Patel emphasizes how the U.S. House needs to use its subpoena powers to uncover all of the facts and expose the [Deep State], starting with the FBI. Patel is a guest on the X22 Report Spotlight.

Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker breaks down the latest installment of The Twitter Files that further expose the government’s influence over social media outlets. With this installment, we learn that the FBI wasn’t the only agency taking part in active censorship. There were several other federal, as well as state, agencies engaged in censoring and shadowbanning American citizens.

In other words, it was an unlawful free-for-all, a truly criminal and flagrant abuse of power. The Democratic lawmakers who pushed these shenanigans, as well as the RINO lawmakers who turned a blind eye to the crimes, should all be pinpointed and sanctioned. More from Fox News.


GOP Getting Played By Dems

Liberal Hivemind concludes that the status quo for conservatives is rapidly transforming into disappointment from the corrupt Democrat Party and betrayal from a legion of Rinos.

He takes a deep dive into the outrageous $1.7 trillion Omnibus Bill, crafted by the Dems and supported by 18 GOP senators, essentially signing off on their Christmas wish list and getting absolutely nothing in return for Republican voters. Here’s more.


FBI, Twitter Colluded In Election

The [Deep State] is being brought down a path so the people see how they rigged the elections, not just 2020 but 2022. Trump began the process and now Twitter is revealing how certain agencies were colluding with Big Tech.

Now, Kari Lake’s trial is happening and it will show how those in Arizona colluded to rig the election. If the FBI was colluding with Twitter, they were probably colluding with other social media companies and the fake news. Now, people are seeing how they rigged the election on a small scale.

Trump asks a question: How do you remedy this type of situation? 18 U.S. Code § 2385. Advocating Overthrow Of Government. More from the X22 Report.

Those Who Scream The Loudest

The [Deep State] has lost the control of the narrative. Those who are no longer protected will scream the loudest. There is no way out for them.

The protectors are disappearing. The fake news is going down the tubes and the news is no longer controlled by these organizations. The people are taking back control of information.

Soon, there will be no place for the treasonous criminals to hide. Soon, they won’t be able to walk down the street.  More from the X22 Report.

The World Will Know The Truth!

The truth is worldwide! Unprecedented! The cure is spreading! Be strong in the Lord! Pray!

Topics covered here include Twitter, the U.S. House, Republican RINOs, Hunter Biden’s treachery and the corruption of the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice. More from And We Know.

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