Call Me Stormy

Finding righteous currents in turbulent times

Day Before The Storm

Juan O’Savin joins former CIA officer Robert David Steele to discuss the handful of options we might see arise today as President Donald Trump seeks to deflect the Democratic crookery and remain in office for a second term. Highest priority: Keeping Joe Biden from collecting the 270 electoral votes to give him the White House, meaning we could see decertifications in states like Pennsylvania or Georgia.

Martial law also is among the possibilities but likely not to be imposed across the board in every state. Perhaps we will see martial law in five or six states, or as many as a dozen, where there might be electoral issues to settle.  Many patriots have grown weary of waiting for a resolution. O’Savin acknowledges their frustration but notes, when you start a big truck or plane engine, you cannot reach peak speed all at once. You must allow time to rev up the engine, for the fuel to spread evenly throughout and catch.


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