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Hold On Tight! Storm Inbound

We’ve got a storm brewing and it’s going to be huge! You’ve heard of Gunga Din? We have his cousin, Buy Din, running a new administration in Washington. They are slinging around dollars like they were doughnuts.

Of course, they lied to all the dimwit Dem voters by telling them they would receive $2,000 coronavirus checks. Buy Din and his cronies are spending $1.9 trillion on covid relief, but stimulus checks for voters? Can’t do it! Just not enough money, dumbos! It’s the old bait and switch!

Otherwise, what’s with all of the CEOs stepping down? Not only the CEOs of Amazon, CNN and Pfizer, but even the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Tom Donohue. Is there more than meets the eye happening here? More from And We Know.


The Handforth Parish Council Planning & Environment Committee took place on Thursday 10th December 2020. Press F to pay respects to Brian Tolver. Here, Mr. Obvious turns the Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting into an Oblivion meme. Watch as a headstong woman named Jackie Weaver not only deletes and kicks out the council’s chairman, but also the vice chairman, effectively becoming the council’s feminist Fuhrer.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman joins me to discuss the lunacy of masking, lockdowns and experimental biological agents – the inevitable conclusion of all of it is it’s intended to cause pain, suffering and death – by design. More from the SGTReport.

Reba Sherrill joins RedPill78 for a discussion about an ongoing plan to restore American Sovereignty that until this moment, has garnered little attention. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100, placing the United States under Lieber Code and therefore, Martial Law. He was assassinated in 1865 before taking us back under Republican rule. Not long after the Act of 1871 created the UNITED STATES corporation and our fictitious government that still exists today. Reba takes us through the true history of the United States of America and the path to restore our nation.

Martial Law Is Imminent

Texas Pastor Wade McKinney warns that the storm is upon us and martial law is imminent. “I’m getting that from every source I have,” McKinney says. “And when I say imminently, I mean in two or three days we are going to see martial law declared. On what level or what degree … whatever they have to do to bring things into a corrective mode.”

McKinney says the FCC already posted a letter warning all media outlets that they must report whatever the President releases or face the probability of losing their broadcast licenses. He added the shutdown will not last more than 30 days and there will be a “house cleaning,” mostly of corrupt government officials.

The event has been in the planning stages a long time in light of the Deep State corruption across the globe, including its interference and manipulation of the Presidential election. McKinney advises everyone to prepare accordingly by stocking up on essentials,  such as food, gas and extra cash.  Here’s more from TruthVideos 1984.

Here’s a primer on the Insurrection Act, martial law and the power President Trump has in order to control order. The video is courtesy of USA Today.


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How The Vatican Scam Worked

Even before Christmas, the United States became aware that the Vatican had been behind election skullduggery across the United States. But there were key pieces of the puzzle that remained unknown.

That is why the Georgia run-off elections were allowed to happen as planned — even when officials knew in advance these elections were likely to be rigged. The runoff gave the U.S. authorities once last opportunity to piece together the particulars of the graft. And, now that we have done that, and figured out the last particulars, we can begin arresting the guilty parties.

Here, British pundit Simon Parkes — the son of well-known British spies and intelligence operatives — lays out how the U.S. military conducted this espionage and how their surveillance led to the Leonardo satellite system, operated by the Vatican. This is not a spy satellite system, but one used for encryption and communications. It was through this encryption and communications network that instructions went out to the Dominion voting machines used in Georgia. The instructions led the machines to manufacture votes and rig the election on behalf of the Democratic candidates. In other words, wholesale fraud occurred.

In this video, Parkes also discusses the occupation of the U.S. Capitol during President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington DC. A 250-member Antifa splinter-group led the occupancy of the US. Capitol building, joined by Trump supporters duped these goons. Antifa conducted a stage-managed occupation, primarily a theatrical affair, with the cooperation of law enforcement agents at the scene. U.S. mainstream media outlets had been tipped off in advance so they could broadcast this orchestrated charade. It’s quite possible members of the U.S. House and Senate also were aware of the shenanigans, although it will take time to sort out precisely who did know what in advance, so their participation can be weighed and prosecution initiated, if warranted.

Here, Parkes makes a second appearance along with fellow British pundit Charlie Ward on #Unrig, the Internet program of former CIA agent Robert David Steele. They not only touch upon some of the above details, but get into projecting what will will see next. If President Donald Trump can prevail, how will he do so?

The three do concur: Joe Biden will not be inaugurated. Also, they see a high likelihood of martial law and use of the insurrection act — if not across the entire country, then perhaps in a few states where arrests are concentrated.

Here is a long video — almost an hour in length — that spells out particulars on the Leonardo scam. We are given names of the CIA and foreign operatives who worked the scam, including details of the funding and confessions that have already been given in Italy. In addition to former President Barack Obama, the former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi from Florence, is said to have played a role in organizing and pulling off the heist. Renzi served two years as Prime Minister from 2014 through 2016, his term ending roughly the same time as Obama.

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Day Before The Storm

Juan O’Savin joins former CIA officer Robert David Steele to discuss the handful of options we might see arise today as President Donald Trump seeks to deflect the Democratic crookery and remain in office for a second term. Highest priority: Keeping Joe Biden from collecting the 270 electoral votes to give him the White House, meaning we could see decertifications in states like Pennsylvania or Georgia.

Martial law also is among the possibilities but likely not to be imposed across the board in every state. Perhaps we will see martial law in five or six states, or as many as a dozen, where there might be electoral issues to settle.  Many patriots have grown weary of waiting for a resolution. O’Savin acknowledges their frustration but notes, when you start a big truck or plane engine, you cannot reach peak speed all at once. You must allow time to rev up the engine, for the fuel to spread evenly throughout and catch.


China’s Thermostat Caper

Dr. Cynthia McKinney, a moderate, former six-term Democratic member of the House who was more than likely cheated out of her seventh win by electronic voting-machine fraud, tells Robert David Steele that the Democrat Party in Georgia rigged a “smart thermostat” to allow the Chinese to link into the election system and fool with the results.

Steele, a former CIA case officer, added that China learned more than 30 years ago how to use electrical connections to penetrate computers. It’s as easy as going to Best Buy and purchasing a part to connect to your router, he says. “The Chinese, the Germans, the French and the Spanish were all, in someway, involved in election fraud.”

MCkinney, who was the Green Party’s Presidential nominee in 2008 and today is an ardent Trump supporter, also gives her take on the President’s post-election options, the recent revelation that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and the future of the country.

Military Ready for Martial Law

If President Donald Trump declares martial law, no one group within American society will likely bear a greater impact than the U.S. military. Are the armed services prepared? Will they heed the call, and if so, what exactly might they be tasked to do? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

A New Birth Of Freedom

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now fallen right into the patriots trap. There is no escape from this. They will be forced to use the US. Constitution no matter which way you look at the situation. Deep State sent three pics letting us know the direction the patriots are going in. The patriots will defeat fascism, the [Central Bankers], and the infiltration from within. A new birth of freedom is coming through the rule of law. More from the X22 Report.

Former General Michael Flynn discusses the SolarWinds cyberattack that has been brought against American federal agencies. He says U.S. allies have been sharing information not only relating to the cyberattack but also the November election. He’s appearing on Fox Business News with Lou Dobbs in a clip being circulated by The Salty Cracker.

In this episode of The Silent War, we discuss the Oval Office meeting Sunday between President Trump, General Flynn, and Sidney Powell.  Topics? Martial Law, Military Use, Sidney as a Special Counsel for Election Fraud. Meanwhile, Deep State player Susan Rice warns of Something Worse than Covid ahead. Is this a warning….Or a threat? More from Dustin Nemos.


Trump Options Running Out?

The Supreme Court has been compromised either through bribery or blackmail. The Deep State is closing in. The election is being cemented for Biden. What options does Trump have left? Martial Law? Insurrection Act? Surrender? David Zublick discusses the options tonight with Ronnie McMullen. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost.

Time For Martial Law?

Several prominent people with the ear of the President are suggesting the time has come to declare martial law as more evidence of voter fraud emerges. The Department of Justice hits back at the Associated Press, letting us know that investigations ARE happening. Our favorite anon predicted the election outcome and a new whistleblower steps forward to reveal exactly how easy it was to steal the election. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being backed into a corner. The evidence is about to be produced. Barr places Durham into position. The storm is about to hit. The [DS] is now panicking. Their [e] fraud did not work. People are waking up and now they are trapped. The raid on their system is about to happen. Hold the line until the right moment. SP announce that the white hat hackers got it all and the connection to other countries is being produced. Trump makes one of the most important speeches about [e] fraud. More from the X22 Report.

Is President Donald Trump enlisting military Intel assets to expose Biden’s Chinese-backed election fraud? More from JustInformed Talk.

Massive fraud is being exposed! The mainstream media covers it up! Treason! More from McAllister TV.

Voter fraud exposure in Michigan and Wisconsin is now creating a seismic shift in the views of people worldwide. Now, people not only can see the possibility of fraud, but are much more convinced it was likely. More from And We Know.

Getting Ugly In Hong Kong

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University Professor Joe Siracusa says “there’s no doubt about it, Hong Kong is finished.” A proposal by the Chinese Communist Party to impose national security laws on Hong Kong is the most significant attempt yet to enforce the mainland’s will on the international city.

“These national security laws finish off the political freedoms the people in Hong Kong have,” he told Sky News. “Hong Kong in terms of political freedom is dead man walking. They’re finished and they know they’re finished.”

Professor Siracusa said the United States and Australia “should be thinking about whether we open our borders to Hong Kong refugees” because “this is going to get ugly.”

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The Paper Dragon is beginning to burn. If China does bring down the hammer on Hong Kong, as seems more likely by the day, the growing storm against China will become a torrent. Already, European nations, as well as the United States, Australia and others, are dropping Chinese imports. This is mostly because many of our factories are shut down now, but also because factories are seeking alternative sites for goods. China won’t even set a growth goal for 2020 because its economy appears certain to shrink. More from Styxhexenhammer666.


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