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Decertify The Election!

After Arizona let the people know what they found when they did the forensic audit, the [Deep State] is panicking like we have never seen before. YouTube deleted the Arizona video. That tells you everything you need to know. The people are waking up to the fact that the election was one big fraud. The truth is coming and when the public finds out, they will demand change. The [Deep State] knows that they need to stop this or it’s over for them. Be prepared. See something say something. The [Deep State] is about to make their move. More from the X22 Report.

All eyes were on Maricopa County, Arizona,Thursday as the Senate began to hear the findings of a months-long audit of the 2020 Election. Conservatives heard what they have hoped for, and the opposition did everything they could to label the good news “a lie.” There is so much evidence of corruption, that State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) is calling for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona and a new election be conducted. Part 2: Say goodbye to First Amendment as Conservatives and their posts go on White House Censorship List. More from Lori Colley.

A wrecking ball is hitting the (Demon)crats and Rinos! People are waking up! Conspiracy no more! Pray! More from And We Know.


Day Before The Storm

Juan O’Savin joins former CIA officer Robert David Steele to discuss the handful of options we might see arise today as President Donald Trump seeks to deflect the Democratic crookery and remain in office for a second term. Highest priority: Keeping Joe Biden from collecting the 270 electoral votes to give him the White House, meaning we could see decertifications in states like Pennsylvania or Georgia.

Martial law also is among the possibilities but likely not to be imposed across the board in every state. Perhaps we will see martial law in five or six states, or as many as a dozen, where there might be electoral issues to settle.  Many patriots have grown weary of waiting for a resolution. O’Savin acknowledges their frustration but notes, when you start a big truck or plane engine, you cannot reach peak speed all at once. You must allow time to rev up the engine, for the fuel to spread evenly throughout and catch.


Georgia Senate Decertifies Biden

Democrats are in a state of panic as the Georgia Senate officially decertifies the Biden electors. Now if Arizona or Wisconsin follow suit, only one state — Pennsylvania — stands in the way of a Trump re-election. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, siding with President Donald Trump and agreeing to officially contest the election throws a real monkey wrench into Joe Biden’s plans. That’s the assessment of Styxhexenhammer666, who outlines here what we might expect to see. These kinds of objections have occurred before, but are quite rare in American history.

Georgia To Decertify Election?

A committee in the Georgia State Senate has approved a proposal calling for decertification of the state’s Presidential electors. These Democratic electors are being challenged on grounds that the party rigged and stole the 2020 Presidential vote. Steve Turley discusses what it will mean if this proposal gets through the Legislature.

Arizona Poised to Decertify

Arizona stands poised to decertify its election results. This comes as Attorney General William Barr announces his pending resignation on Dec. 23. If Arizona decertifies, will it be an isolated case or will it lead other states to decertify as well, changing the outcome of the vote? More from Steve Turley.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has called for the arrest of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp as well as the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffenspergerm retweeting Georgia attorney Lin Wood. Elsewhere, support is surging for a secession movement called Texit, centering around calls by GOP officials in Texas to withdraw from the United States. Where will this lead? More, again, from Steve Turley.

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