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A Fix For Big Tech Meltdown

Big Tech continues its unprecedented and careless meltdown, purging President Trump’s social media accounts and silencing countless alternative voices. Could this be the end of the internet and other social media platforms as we know them?

Robert David Steele says yes and he’s taken it upon himself and the aid of 12 competent minds, which he affectionately calls the 12 Apostles, to fix the current technology conundrum with Web 3.0, a decentralized, bottom-up internet. The revised internet, says Steele, will be a federated, distributed system that respects individual anonymity, identity privacy and security, dispenses with the Cloud and also walks away from most of the code.

Technology and financial guru and one of the “12 Apostles,” Stephen E. Arnold, says while the old and fragile infrastructure of the internet needs to be replaced, moving to a system such as Web 3.0 is not feasible. “The will is there, the money is there. What’s missing is the building block of process and technology to ensure that the second-stage fix is clean.” Here’s more discussion with Steele and Arnold.

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