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Ratcliffe: Biggest Threat Is Biden

Things are heating up for the Deep State, forcing them to shift attention elsewhere so they can continue pulling the wool over our eyes. Problem is, the patriots are a couple of steps ahead of them and looking for whatever chicanery comes their way.

Highly respected former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, turned up the heat on the Cabal with some more pain. Appearing on Fox News with host Mark Levin, Ratcliffe proclaimed: “America’s greatest national security threat is Joe Biden.”  Says Dan Radiostyle, “I think this is kind of giving us a hint of what’s to come. We’re experiencing a contained explosion of the old guard.”  Tune in as Radiostyle exposes the Deep State’s hypocrisy and how more Americans are awakening to the challenge.

Evergreen’s Sinister Operation

The ever-changing narrative of the Evergreen cargo ship crisis continues to evolve. Turns out the good guys not only intercepted a massive child sex-trafficking operation on the ship that was widely reported on alternative media, they also thwarted Phase 2 of a sinister operation by the globalist powers.

In a bombshell article in Turkey’s Mavi Gazetem newspaper in April, and in a recent interview with the Turkish national television network Bayez, journalist Kaan Sariaydin said the contents in many of the Evergreen’s containers stored chemicals that would have activated a second technological weapon on the world by the Cabal, following their successful release of Covid-19. The plan, he says, which was formulated over the past 30 years, was to end the coronavirus sometime in April and release the chemicals, which would interact with 5G radiation beams, mix with oxygen and totally transform the Earth’s soil. The operation was aptly named “The Climate Change Weapon.”

Sariaydin says that while the mainstream media lied about the Evergreen breaking down in the Suez Canal due to technical difficulties, the truth was it came under siege by the nationalist states of Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Qatar to shut down the globalist plan.

Not surprisingly, Bill Gates has his finger in the pie, according to Sariaydin. It was common knowledge that Gates purchased about 1.4 million acres of land in Turkey, 24,000 acres in Arizona and much more around the planet. Says Sariaydin, “Do you know why Mr. Gates needed this (globalist plan) and what he needed to use it for? To end beef farming and completely destroy animal farming in general.” Here’s the translated Bayez interview.

Media Is Biggest Threat

Patrick Bet-David sits down with anarchist and controversial, bestselling-author Michael Malice, who points his finger at the media as the biggest threat to America today.

Malice says the three major TV networks had a stranglehold on public discourse before cable news came on board, followed by talk radio, social media and alternative media. He says that so many times they insist they’re telling you the truth with a straight face and then it all collapses. “When the people who are in a position of accessible authority demonstrate through their own depravity and malfeasance that not only are they mistaken, but they don’t care, they’re going to continue with these blatant lies and shutting down our conversation.” Here’s more on Valuetainment with Bet-David and Malice.

We Don’t Have A Free Press

Independent commentators and journos are censored or persecuted as the de facto state media fires off volleys of fluff pieces and outright defamation. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Deep State Losing It

The Deep State is truly losing control. It’s slipping away from them faster than they know how to deal with it. Why? Because they’re having a difficult time hiding from their own stories, quotes, dirt and outright lies.

And the difference today from five years ago is the emergence of We the People, the alternative media who have replaced the corporate networks as the truthful purveyor of news. Says Dan RadioStyle of On the Fringe, “The trust people have in the mainstream media has dwindled way below 50 percent at this point. It’s going down and that’s what’s changing everything that’s going on.”

Case in point is the Gov. Andrew Cuomo sex scandal. Just a few years ago, Cuomo was adamant in his support of Christine Blasey Ford and her attacks on then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The New York governor was quoted as saying, “I believe Dr. Ford’s testimony is very compelling. Only a political skeptic could find a reason to disbelieve her. What is her possible motive to lie?”

Fast forward to today and seven women have come forward, accusing Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. As expected, the brash Cuomo has disavowed every one of the claims and has repeatedly said he won’t step down. Well, what could possibly be their motive to lie, governor? Here’s more with RadioStyle, who also reports on President Trump’s surprise speech at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue Fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, President Biden’s dementia symptoms, teachers and critical race theory and Oklahoma passing a bill granting immunity to motorists who hit violent BLM and Antifa rioters.

Deep State Days Are Numbered

Get ready for the millennia-long scuffle between the good guys and the bad dudes to come to a major caboom! The days of being beholden to the Deep State criminal cabal and their sex trafficking, child sacrificing, outright theft of our money are nearing an end. Says Martin Brodel, “We are on the brink of blowing this whole thing apart, this whole criminal cabal that has been going on for hundreds of years.”

Thanks to alternative media, the evil of the cabal is front and center. Meanwhile, the silence of the mainstream media is deafening. Why? Because they’re part of the problem. Sadly, they were corralled by the Deep State long ago and now only receive marching orders. In other news, Brodel discusses a stunning revelation from the Capitol Hill officer who allegedly shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the Jan. 6 uprising. The officer claims he fired the shot because he thought the backpack Babbitt was carrying contained some kind of explosive. Here’s more on the shooting and other news with Brodel.

A Fix For Big Tech Meltdown

Big Tech continues its unprecedented and careless meltdown, purging President Trump’s social media accounts and silencing countless alternative voices. Could this be the end of the internet and other social media platforms as we know them?

Robert David Steele says yes and he’s taken it upon himself and the aid of 12 competent minds, which he affectionately calls the 12 Apostles, to fix the current technology conundrum with Web 3.0, a decentralized, bottom-up internet. The revised internet, says Steele, will be a federated, distributed system that respects individual anonymity, identity privacy and security, dispenses with the Cloud and also walks away from most of the code.

Technology and financial guru and one of the “12 Apostles,” Stephen E. Arnold, says while the old and fragile infrastructure of the internet needs to be replaced, moving to a system such as Web 3.0 is not feasible. “The will is there, the money is there. What’s missing is the building block of process and technology to ensure that the second-stage fix is clean.” Here’s more discussion with Steele and Arnold.

Portland Has Become A Hellhole

If you’re not tuned into alternative media, there’s a good chance you’re oblivious to the rioting, looting and total chaos taking our major liberal cities hostage. And Portland again appears to be the poster child in all the calamity. Unfortunately for many Americans, the lamestream media is absent in its coverage, pretending that this isn’t happening, or painting the chaos as peaceful. Take student gun-control activist David Hogg. He recently re-engaged in the radical discourse, tweeting a video and sarcastically adding that the event was a seemingly peaceful protest by moms in Portland: “These are the radical anarchists that Republicans say we need to fear.” The video shows a large group of women all dressed in yellow shirts, singing and chanting. Journalist Andy Ngo, who has delivered in-depth coverage of the protests in Portland for a Canadian website, countered Hogg’s tweet immediately: “I recognized a lot of these so-called “moms” as the same Antifa women who dressed in black as recent as a couple days ago.” He added that the shirts and signs were just for optics, and that many of the women don’t even identify as female. And he’s right. It’s more than suspicious to see this many moms congregate in a faux protest close to nearby graffiti proclaiming: “Moms for dead cops.” Here’s more from Lauren Chen of The Blaze.

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Mainstream Media Petrified

The mainstream media is petrified, scared because they are losing credibility and reaching a smaller audience every day. Why? Because the media has lied so long and so often they no longer report anything close to genuine news. Outlets like CNN or MSNBC — and their skewed polling institutes — no longer sway the public. We’ve turned off their drivel.

Here, SGTReport interviews Dr. Dave Janda from Operation Freedom. They discuss the mass censorship of the alt-media. Dr. Janda also says the mainstream media is petrified because President Trump and AG Barr are going to break the back of Big Brother AND the deep state.

Trump announces new healthcare plan to help the people. The [DS] impeachment push is now falling apart. There is no crime, no obstruction and no collusion. The Russian hacking narrative is falling apart. New court records show the FBI never did any investigation in the DNC server hacking. Trump signs memorandum to provide order of succession in the C_A. Venezuela and the opposition are continuing peace talks. The [DS] push narrative for their next event, patriots are already prepared. More from the X22 Report.

What did Max Spiers know? Here, McAllister TV gets into the specifics, beginning with Osiris, Isis, Horace, Set and the Egyptian gods. Here also we get an overview of the Nazis’ efforts to create twins, not only during WWII but afterwards in Latin America. What’s up with these clones? Are they being used as substitutes for politicians? For actors?

Lionel Meets the President

Our frequent contributor, Lionel Nation, was invited to meet President Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. Lionel writes of the experience, “‘Awesome’ is defined as extremely impressive or daunting. inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear. And meeting POTUS 45 in the Oval Office in the White House was all of the above.

The White House residence, the behind the scenes splendor reminded me that it’s a palatial prison. This man gave up a billionaire’s freedom and an immane manse to serve us. My commitment to him, the cause, liberty and our country and you has been forged now to an extent I never thought possible. #MAGA #WWG1WGA

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Alt-media and Q analyst Lionel meets President Trump in the Oval office, the Mockingbird mainstream media continues to LIE about the fake dossier and cover up for crooked Hillary, and the Deep State, personified by former CIA Director and traitor John Brennan, roils. More from SGTReport.

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