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Team Trump Unleashing Declass

Relax, stay calm and sit tight. Everything is going to be just fine. That’s the advice from political pundit Martin Brodel, who says Team Trump is about to unleash an avalanche of “stuff” that’s going to blow everyone out of the water. “There won’t even be an inauguration, there won’t be anything, because of all the things that are being let out now,” Brodel says.

Among the “things” that the American public will digest in the coming days is the declassification of highly sensitive material, including information from several laptops that were confiscated from the House chamber last week during the assault on Capitol Hill. The White House is expected to disperse the material through Trump confidant Lin Wood. “I believe President Trump will be vindicated,” Brodel says. “And I think Trump will be President for four more years, if not longer.”

In other news, Brodel says that Nancy Pelosi is squarely in the spotlight again, and not in a good way. Reports surfaced that Pelosi’s brother, and a number of others, were charged years ago with raping underage girls. Everyone involved in the heinous crime went to prison, with the exception of her brother. And Brodel also digs into the mysterious silence of the GOP leadership in light of the chaos surrounding their party.

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