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Warning, Storm Ahead

The Mainstream Media is now reporting that it is very important to open up the economy. Clouds are now forming over DC. The Storm is coming. Trump just ordered the Declass of everything, either today or Monday. The [Deep State] is pushing false flag events to change the news cycle. The declass will just happen. The [DS] will be caught off guard. All three movies will be playing. The [Deep State] is doing exactly what Trump and team want them to do: Bring in the National Guard. It is now being done in many states. The show is about to begin.

We all know the Democrats are going to go insane in the membrane over the coming week. As damaging information is declassified showing the degree to which the Democrats and Neocon Republicans have lied, cheated, stolen and screwed over America, they will explode — just like all those heads in Jordan Cronenweth horror movies. You can bet: They will dispatch Antifa and Black Lives Matter to riot and burn down cities. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to go outside and try to fight them. Don’t take the bait.

Let our law enforcement officers, our soldiers, our National Guard defend the United States from these morons. How do we fight them? Speak out, post your views, share your observations, without cowering in some dark corner. Join us in launching a blog to celebrate America and fight corruption. Learn our history and honor those who secured our freedoms. Do not despair. Do not fear these demons who try to intimidate us and censor our thoughts. Their days of pillaging our country, raping our children and bringing doom down upon the planet are coming to an end.

Be alert! Much will be revealed over the next five days. Pay attention! Do not be distracted by false flags. Most certainly, avoid the mainstream media. They lie like dogs!

This will be a trying period but we will prevail. And we will come out of this much stronger, with a greater resolve to defend our nation against enemies, domestic or global. To those of you in Europe, Asia, Australia and elsewhere: We’re going to be your bulwark again. We will help you to defeat an enemy we all have in common. But first, we have a little bit of housecleaning to do. More from In Pursuit of Truth.

Is there a secret plan to save our Republic? Will Joe Biden be inaugurated? Is it all the final trap? More from JustInformed Talk.

We close with Accordin’ to Jordan, the podcast from Jordan Sather. Here, he delves into the Declass, as well as the growing fortress around Washington DC. Joe Biden’s obscene vax plans get reviewed, as well as all the insulations around President Donald Trump. There’s a look at John Sullivan, the Leftist activist who played such a central role in the supposed Trumpster occupation of the U.S. Capitol. Sather also questions how much longer the fake pandemic will continue.

Team Trump Unleashing Declass

Relax, stay calm and sit tight. Everything is going to be just fine. That’s the advice from political pundit Martin Brodel, who says Team Trump is about to unleash an avalanche of “stuff” that’s going to blow everyone out of the water. “There won’t even be an inauguration, there won’t be anything, because of all the things that are being let out now,” Brodel says.

Among the “things” that the American public will digest in the coming days is the declassification of highly sensitive material, including information from several laptops that were confiscated from the House chamber last week during the assault on Capitol Hill. The White House is expected to disperse the material through Trump confidant Lin Wood. “I believe President Trump will be vindicated,” Brodel says. “And I think Trump will be President for four more years, if not longer.”

In other news, Brodel says that Nancy Pelosi is squarely in the spotlight again, and not in a good way. Reports surfaced that Pelosi’s brother, and a number of others, were charged years ago with raping underage girls. Everyone involved in the heinous crime went to prison, with the exception of her brother. And Brodel also digs into the mysterious silence of the GOP leadership in light of the chaos surrounding their party.

Fall Like A Thunderbolt

Trump and the patriots have complete control of the economy and the fed. The [Central Bankers]/[Deep State] cannot allow this. They will fight until the bitter end to get control back. The Fed has been detached from the other [CB]s. The economy continues to improve. People are beginning to spend for the holidays as covid magically disappears. More from the X22 Report.

President Donald Trump and his closest allies have let everyone know: They will not give up without a fight. They are heading into the trenches for hand-to-hand battles with their Leftist adversaries. Lawsuits are on the way! Also, expect some startling revelations in the days ahead. More from And We Know in a video called Final Act: The World Will Know.

Sheriff Richard Mack, with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association, joins SGTReport on a day that will live in infamy if this treachery is allowed to stand. November 7, 2020, the day the mainstream media, Big Tech and the [D] machine plunged their knives into the heart of our Republic. What happens next will determine whether Americans live free or end up hopelessly enslaved.

Patriots Have It All

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped. The patriots have always had everything. They have the recordings, the documentation, the emails. The question is why did they wait until now to declass. At what stage of the game do you play the Trump card to maximum effect: Right before the election. The [DS]/MSM are panicking. They are feeling the pain and there is nothing they can do to stop this. More from the X22 Report.

Durham told Barr “no,” when Barr asked him to drop a report before Nov. 3. More on the debate dramas separating the challenger Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. There’s even more in this edition of the Black Conservative Patriot.

Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails are set to drop. How many Satanic crimes will be exposed? We are not just talking about skullduggery involving the sale of American property rights to foreign powers, including China and Russia. Will these emails also touch upon the rape and murder of trafficked children at Jeffrey Epstein’s “luxury” resorts? And who, besides Epstein, was also taking part? Brace yourself and prepare. This will be news that shakes the world. More from The Patriot Hour.

The [D]’s seem capable of only one thing: LYING. It’s all they do. Frank from the Quite Frankly podcast joins the SGTReport for this EXCLUSIVE SGTreport.TV and Patreon Week End Wrap!


Patriots On The Hunt

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media is now the hunted. The patriots are declassifying documents, which show the [DS] players planned a coup against a sitting President. More docs are now being declassified without redactions. We are now in the middle of Red October and the [DS] is panicking. The hunt is on. More from the X22 Report.

THIS IS IT! POTUS has requested full, un-redacted declassification of not only the Russia Collusion investigation docs but ALSO the Clinton Email investigation docs. We discuss the timeline and implications as well as taking a look back retrospectively at the lies by the mainstream media as they perpetuated this lie upon the American public. More from RedPill78.

Why are we being censored? Why are we being attacked daily? When happens when people no longer fight back? Yes, friends, we are being thrown around like pawns. But the battles in which we are ensnared are minor compared to the larger wars. Hillary Rodham Clinton  is now caught in a trap. The Deep State as a whole is also caught and can’t walk out. More from And We Know.

Trump demands the names of every one of these rat bees be presented to the American public! Let’s see them all, and jail these traitors, or subject them to appropriate punishment. More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

What happens to this major lie now? How long will the Declass take? What will be revealed? More from JustInformed Talk.



Sir Patrick Mack of In Pursuit of Truth doesn’t have the rona. But he deals with it in the aftermath of President Donald Trump getting treated by the staff doctors at Walter Reed Medical Center for the coronavirus. How does this virus compare with the infection that spread across the world in 1917, effectively ending World War One because so many soldiers contracted the Spanish flu and could no longer fight? Down the line, will we continue to call this version the rona, or will it get a new moniker?  Besides the Spanish flu, what else happened in 1917?

Sir Patrick Mack doesn’t leave us hanging. He delves into this medical mystery with a confidence that comes down from God. Also we learn how the Americans who showed up at the hospital to cheer on the president received free pizza by the hour. Of course, the mainstream media was seething with rage. The journalists only go for corrupt politicians. They don’t like any of them to be a class act.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe comes through and has produced several memos from former CIA Director John Brennan, one typed and another hand-written, in regards to the Hillary Clinton’s approval of the Trump/Russia collusion narrative that has taken over our country for 4 years. President Trump is back in the White House and ready to take on Sleepy Joe Biden on the 15th. Trump has ordered an end to the CV-19 negotiations in Congress. We have a couple fun stories about a Trump supporter and a Biden supporter.  Joe Biden reverses on police funding. More from RedPill78.

Trump is in the process of destroying the [Deep State] narrative. He accomplished this in as little of 3 days. During the time he spent at Walter Reed, he ordered the declass of certain information. Drip, drip: Pain. It’s all happening. The pieces are now being put together. The story is being presented to the people. The [DS] is panicking. They can’t stop what is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Bernie gets Trump’ed! Potus does a victory lap! Jill rescues Joe from the media! Trump derangement syndrome has led the mainstream media to get totally unhinged! More from the Black Conservative Patriot.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect: POTUS gets declassification rolling (with or without the Dirty Cops and their Dirty Partners in the 3 letter agencies) and makes a triumphant return to the White House! More from Lori Colley.


Ratcliffe To Declassify Secrets

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have now trapped themselves. They didn’t even see it coming. They walked right into it. John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, is now working with special prosecutor John Durham to generate more declassified information that can be made public. Panic. The events are now falling apart. The Center for Disease Control quietly changed their information. The death rate from CV19 is ~9,000. The riots are not working. People are waking up. They see clearly and the [DS]/MSM and corrupt politicians [knowingly] destroyed peoples’ lives to hide the fact these politicians and their accomplices [knowingly] committed treason, sedition and crimes against humanity. Law and Order. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.

Trump is a weekend warrior! Questions arise about the Lego White House. Black Conservative Patriot provides the truthful answers. Also in this video: Pelosi and the Dems file against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Also, new laws challenge the right to protest.

The goal of the Left is perpetual civil war. Meanwhile, amidst the BLM violence, YouTube just issued SGT Report another unwarranted STRIKE, this time for… “impersonation”. Seriously. I’m fed up with their fascism, so in this video I announce the solution…More from the SGTReport.

What’s more dangerous to our republic? A virus that the Center for Disease Control has said might be less lethal than the flu? Or armed Antifa and Black Lives Matters rioters, destroying our cities and killing Americans who disagree with their radical, Far-Leftist views? More from JustInformed Talk.

Prepare For the Inevitable

You may need to prepare for the inevitable. That’s the warning from TRUreporting, who opens with a new satire or parody from John McAfee that touches upon cannibalism, and specifically, brain eating by the criminal elite. Is he being outlandish to draw attention to himself? Or pointing us to something real and sinister, just below the surface, that our media and powerful elites have hidden. Are they, in fact, carrying out cannibalism? Also in this edition, is the United States prepared for the kung flu? And what’s the deal with the swirl of rumors around the CIA transplant in the Democratic field — Pete Buttigieg?

The [Deep State]/Democrats walked right into the latest trap. It was planned perfectly. Optics are very important. An outside prosecutor is looking into the Flynn case. Barr testimony delayed to educate the people and to allow for the declas. The Durham investigation is still ongoing and there are bigger slam dunks coming. More from the X22 Report.

Remember, it’s not about Trump’s corruption? It’s about making sure you don’t find out about their corruption. In Pursuit of Truth offers us his latest interpretation of Q posts: Seventeen.

Bill Holter returns to SGT Report to discuss the real world ramifications of Covid-19, the viral pandemic which has ground the Chinese economy to a halt, and which is beginning to look like the “black swan” event that could usher in a global economic collapse.

Can we make justice just again? By that, Craig Mason means can we start jailing the Satanists who have tried to push our nation and federal government into some Globalist hegemony that they control? You know the crowd: Trash like James Comey, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Barack Obama.

In Pursuit of Truth brings us a quick burn: Why failing mass media pundits try to make Q followers look stupid and extreme?

Deep State Will Pay Price Soon

The [Deep State]/Democrats are now backed into a corner. All of their lies will be revealed to the public. There is no escaping this. This is not about quietly removing the corrupt. This is about exposing the corrupt, exposing their lies to the public, exposing the tricks they use, exposing the treasonous crimes. They will all pay a price soon. The declass is coming. The question is when do the Patriots use the Trump card. More from the X22 Report.

Panic in DC! The law team of President Donald Trump is making mincemeat out of the Democrats. They launched their impeachment campaign without a shred of evidence capable of convicting the president. In other words, just because they didn’t like the president and lost the 2016 election, they wanted revenge. But now they are on a lake, in a canoe, without a paddle. More from And We Know News.

Whoa! Rudy Guiliani better have Secret Service protection. Now that he is busting Joe Biden and showing the depths of the Democrats’ corruption in the Ukraine, the vipers will be out to get him. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

SGTReport gives us an update on the Coronavirus and the fragility of our civilization. There are forces of Globalism seeking to tear down our nation, our identities, our lives. We must fight these forces and expose them as the evil minions they are.

Every Dog Knows His Own

In Pursuit of Truth has his sniffer out for dog news. Seems every Democrat around the country, and half of Hollywood, are busy tweeting about dogs or making strange dog references. Otherwise here, In Pursuit of Truth gets into the manhunt for John McAfee. He’s tweeting out that he has beaucoup information on government corruption that he’s going to spill everywhere if the Feds keep hounding him.

More on the missing dog named Gumbo. Bill Smith expands upon an issue first raised by In Pursuit of Truth. Gumbo, says Smith, is the code name for Donna Brazile, the former DNC head who is now a Fox News contributor.  Democrats are not at all looking for a lost dog but rather for Donna Brazile, perhaps fearing something she might reveal.

Meadows says that the FBI knew within 60 days that the entire Russian problem was built on a pile of sand. Judge rules that the Comey memos should be released. The House is holding preliminary impeachment hearings. Pelosi and team pivots to create their own DOJ and mini FBI. FBI docs show that [HRC] was bossing around the DOJ on how to handle the email investigation. Trump’s tariffs worked, Mexico and the US agree to a deal. Mexico will help down at the border. The [DS] has now played their hand, they don’t know exactly when the Declass is coming and they don’t have enough ammunition so they switched tactics. They will just make those reporting something different seem crazy and radicalized. Don’t look here — look over there. McAfee tweets out that he has evidence of Government corruption. More from the X22 Report.

Mark Meadows has seen the docs and the Declass is coming, Carter Page was apparently not only a source for the FBI, but also the C_A and the State Dept. and they still set him up, FBI has released more Clinton Email evidence and it’s BAD. Barr speaks out about the dangers of working against the [DS]. More from RedPill78.

The dumb Leftist journalists at Vox have gone out on strike. They aren’t reporting the news while they hold out for a series of benefits, including bigger raises and better severance packages. Vox has been in the news a lot lately as one of their alleged “journalists” — Carlos Maza — pressured YouTube to deny the platform to conservative comedian Stephen Crowder. Of course, Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is rooting for these lazy-ass idiots, so we’re hoping they all lose their jobs! Hopefully, more of these Leftist scumbags meet the pavement!

McAllisterTV shares this news as well as discusses: Federal investigator John Durham is “very dialed in” as he probes Obama’s FISA Court liars and is said to be “asking all the right questions.” Attorney General William Barr has said more than once that he’s not happy with the answers he’s gotten to date about the FISA requests. Who remembers the 1970s puppet porn Let My Puppet Come? Here, it’s connected to James Comey, the former FBI director with the big Howdy Doody fetish. Finally, there’s more about smelly pants Hillary Rodham Clinton and her visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s cannibal island in the Caribbean!!!




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