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Learning From The Tea Party

Woke authoritarianism is in power, lockdowns are unending and the Left has finally found out how to weaponize fear. The media is all too happy to watch the country burn, as long as the Left is holding the torch. A case in point is last week’s staged siege on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, which the mainstream media has blown totally out of proportion.

The day following the debacle, sensible heads were still spinning. Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck sat down with contributor Matt Kibbe of “Kibbe on Liberty” to dissect the madness and remember the lessons learned from the Tea Party, Martin Luther King Jr. and other movements that found success through peace. Quoting Dr. King, Kibbe says, “The tactic of non-violence is the most powerful force in the world. Violence doesn’t work, it makes things worse.” Here’s more from Beck and Kibbe.

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