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China Voter Fraud Ringleader

In an impromptu briefing over the weekend, Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney says that although reports exploded that the Italian government satellite Leonardo was used to manipulate the U.S. Presidential election by changing votes, there were many other countries involved and China was the ringleader. “It had to be controlled from China, using Hammer and Scorecard in my opinion,” he says. “You couldn’t have so many attacks because you’d be changing numbers in all the 50 states and it just wouldn’t match up. That has to be synchronized.” The countries involved allegedly used a supercomputer called Hammer and the software Scorecard to alter vote counts on election night.

McInerney also dispelled rumors that the bad guys retrieved Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, confirming that special military forces that infiltrated the Capitol Hill mob were in fact in possession of the computer and many others. He also reiterated that much to the chagrin of the Deep State, President Trump has a secret source who’s singing like a songbird because he/she doesn’t want to be part of the treasonous cover-up. “Tell everybody to wake up America! This is serious stuff,” he warns. Here’ more with McInerney on Mongoose 167.

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