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Flynn: America’s DNA Is 1776

In an exclusive interview with Info Wars, Gen. Michael Flynn adamantly tells Alex Jones that his message to the American people is that the truth will come out and Donald J. Trump will be the President of the U.S. for four more years. “When I’m asked on a scale of 1 to 10 if Trump will be the next President of the United States, I say 10, without a doubt. The whole country and world knows that this election on Nov. 3 was a rip-off,” he says.

Flynn, who conducted the interview last week before the Jan. 6 election certification, opined on a variety of topics in the interview, including the China Communist Party’s intrusion into U.S. elections since the mid-1990s. He says the CCP has meddled in our academic institutions, banking systems, Big Tech, real estate and Hollywood. But perhaps China’s most flagrant encroachment came in the recent Presidential election, when it tinkered with the Dominion Voting Software and ES&S machines, in which 95 percent of the electronic voting was conducted. Flynn says that not only did China invest $200 million in Dominion in 2014 and another $400 million in 2020, it’s also been revealed they are partial owners of the companies and many of their affiliates.

Flynn says the millions of patriots who came to Washington last week are not about to settle for a lie. They are well aware of the voter fraud and they journeyed to our nation’s Capital to seek the truth. “There’s a DNA in the American psyche and the American culture that still exists,” Flynn says. “And that DNA goes all the way back to 1776.” Here’s more of the interview with Flynn and Jones, courtesy of smoakpipe.

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