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The Storm Is Upon Us

Charlene Bollinger, producer, researcher and founder of returns to SGTReport to discuss multiple data points which strongly suggest that we are about to see the white hats save Republic from the clutches of the globalist satanic death cult. Seriously. It’s going to go one way or the other. The storm is upon is, this is it. In five days we will know if we still have a country.

Dave Hayes has written two books about Q: The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. Dave begins with the DC protest. They were a planned operation by the [Deep State]. Trump is now silent during this entire period. Optics are important. Military operation is now in focus. Each Red line that is crossed, there is a military action associated with it. More from X22 Report Spotlight.

Ryan[Anon] joins RedPill78 tonight to discuss the situation with Jayden X aka John Sullivan and the recent censorship at Dlive. We stand firm.

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