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Nero Fiddled, Rome Burned

Our friend Charlene Bollinger returns to SGT Report to document the crimes of sleepy Joe, and the mainstream whore media. Video footage exists showing Joe Biden engaged in vile and obscene acts, even more scandalous than his son Hunter Biden. Obviously, the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.


End Of The Occupation

Messages are now being sent by the patriots. The time has come. Optics are important, Trump will be insulated on AF1. It’s time to take back the country, D5. 11.3 market, the end of occupation. Trump gave his farewell speech and the best is yet to come. Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride. More from the X22 Report.

As we move closer to the scheduled “inauguration”, things just don’t add up. Would the white hats really allow the country to be destroyed? Was the last three years just a psyop to show us how bad things were, then let all the pieces fall off the chessboard? I don’t think so. Including POTUS farewell address. More from RedPill78.

Major arrests? Emergency broadcasts? Will the world be shocked by the events that are ahead? More from JustInformed Talk.

The stage is set! Open your eyes! Trust in the President! This is about protecting our children! More from And We Know.

Charlene Bollinger returns to SGTReport with some words of encouragement during the darkest hours of our Constitutional Republic.

The Storm Is Upon Us

Charlene Bollinger, producer, researcher and founder of returns to SGTReport to discuss multiple data points which strongly suggest that we are about to see the white hats save Republic from the clutches of the globalist satanic death cult. Seriously. It’s going to go one way or the other. The storm is upon is, this is it. In five days we will know if we still have a country.

Dave Hayes has written two books about Q: The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. Dave begins with the DC protest. They were a planned operation by the [Deep State]. Trump is now silent during this entire period. Optics are important. Military operation is now in focus. Each Red line that is crossed, there is a military action associated with it. More from X22 Report Spotlight.

Ryan[Anon] joins RedPill78 tonight to discuss the situation with Jayden X aka John Sullivan and the recent censorship at Dlive. We stand firm.

The Movement Has Begun

The patriots are now pushing forward with their focus on the U.S. Constitution. Over the past couple of weeks election fraud evidence has been shown the people. The idea that Pence will need to do his duty and follow the 12th amendment. Senators and Representatives are now coming aboard and are calling for an audit to see how bad the election fraud actually is. The patriots are pushing the rule of law. The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now being backed into a corner. More from the X22 Report.


In Pursuit of Truth revives Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem If, applying this Victorian era rallying cry to today’s patriots, leading the charge to bring back President Donald Trump for a second term.

Charlene Bollinger, the founder of MAGA Freedom Rally DC, joins SGTReport to discuss the next steps to SAVE OUR REPUBLIC. You are instrumental to this plan. God bless the Patriots and truth tellers.

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