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The Year Is Almost Up

Dave Hayes, the Praying Medic, has written two books about Q. The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. The conversation begins with the Rittenhouse trial. The fake news is losing the narrative and the people are seeing the truth. The Jan 6 unselect committee is looking for the devolution plans. This is why they are going after Trump’s cabinet of people. This will fail. Then Dave talks about how something big might happen in January. A year is almost up. as Trump says. The storm is approaching. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

Joe Biden, the leader of the Democratic snakes, is pushing back his vaccine mandate. Many businesses asked for a delay, but the real reason Biden is going along: The country is becoming more mobilized and opposed to stringent, globalist measures likes these mandates.

We are seeing a red wave building that could be so strong, it will negate the inevitable cheating, fraud and corruption committed by the boa constrictor party. Bye bye Byden. Soon, all will be revealed. At that time, your rule of tyranny is going to end. More from And We Know.

We close with Jordan Sather’s latest Destroying the Illusion update, addressing not only Steve Bannon, John Durham and Pope Francis, but also Ghislaine Maxwell, UFOs, and Biden’s vaccine mandate getting struck down. He closes with some scientific topics, including dark matter and geoengineering.

Buckle Up, Chaos Ahead

Dave Hayes has written two books about Q: The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. Dave begins with discussing Afghanistan. [Joe Biden] fell right into the trap the patriots set. The AZ audit report is due and it will be produced to the public early September. The report is going to be very damaging and people are going to realize that there was cheating. A foreign government had a regime change here in the US. We now have a puppet government who is taking order from a foreign government. We are entering unprecedented times. Buckle up, it’s going to get chaotic. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

More warriors are using their God-given abilities to fight evil! Are there Fauci indictments in the wings? Pray! More from And We Know.

The Storm Is Upon Us

Charlene Bollinger, producer, researcher and founder of returns to SGTReport to discuss multiple data points which strongly suggest that we are about to see the white hats save Republic from the clutches of the globalist satanic death cult. Seriously. It’s going to go one way or the other. The storm is upon is, this is it. In five days we will know if we still have a country.

Dave Hayes has written two books about Q: The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. Dave begins with the DC protest. They were a planned operation by the [Deep State]. Trump is now silent during this entire period. Optics are important. Military operation is now in focus. Each Red line that is crossed, there is a military action associated with it. More from X22 Report Spotlight.

Ryan[Anon] joins RedPill78 tonight to discuss the situation with Jayden X aka John Sullivan and the recent censorship at Dlive. We stand firm.

Prepare For A Bumpy Ride

Dave Hayes has written two books about Q. The Calm Before The Storm and his newest book The Great Awakening. The interview begins with the election: Did Trump have a red wave and did the [DS] cheat in the election to steal it away from him. Dave says that Trump will most likely get re-elected and the [DS] will then turn all their assets on the people to make them pay for what they have done, not listen to them. The [DS] most likely will bring down communications, including email. Buckle Up it’s going to be a bumpy ride.More from the X22 Report.

What you will hear in this interview is the KEY to bringing down their entire system of fraud, in every single commonwealth country. Christopher James joins the SGTReport to spill the beans.

Trump’s election fraud trap catches the Deep State red-handed? Here’s an election analysis, with a veteran Air Force co-host, from JustInformed Talk.

The Digital Battlefield

Dave Hayes, aka “Praying Medic,” has become one of the top researchers, decoders, and citizen journalists in the Q movement. Dave works tirelessly uncovering and sharing the truth and predictions contained in Q drops, and exposing the lies of the Deep State. More from The Edge of Wonder.

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Calm Before The Storm

Dave Hayes, the Praying Medic and the author of the new book Calm Before the Storm, appears as special guest on this edition of the X22 Spotlight Report. Hayes says what we are witnessing now is the tip of the spear. The best is yet to come.

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Maria Bartiromo says sources are telling her General Michael Flynn “will be completely exonerated this week.” As for the Robert Mueller case against Gen. Flynn, “it was a total fraud. A setup,” says Bartiromo. If she’s correct, it took 30 months for Flynn to be exonerated, another confirmation of a Q post, 3814, that said Flynn was safe and predicted he would be “done in [30].”

It appears the Department of Justice has been hiding the dark and dirty FBI agent, Joe Pientka, who it’s believed had been altering Flynn’s statements. Will Pientka now be brought out of hiding? Who will he implicate for ordering the alteration of the Flynn statements? Could we be looking at some incriminating charges against Andrew McCabe? Or James Comey? Or both of them?

It looks like we’ve reached the crossroads, the one mentioned by President Donald Trump when he said it was time “to investigate the investigators.” He was referring to Mueller and to “the top of the FBI, who were scum.”

What does Paul Revere have to do with all of this? When the Revolutionary War was about to begin, Revere was charged with the task to signal the Colonists using lanterns. “One if by land, two if by sea.” In other words, one lantern would indicate a British land excursion into Boston, two lanterns would suggest an attack by boats at sea. In Pursuit of Truth explains the connection and also some fascinating, rarely discussed details about Paul Revere’s famous ride.

And We Know explores the evidence suggesting an exoneration is near for General Michael Flynn. The same evidence being used to free Flynn will, in turn, be used to indict others — those beyond the dirty campaign to smear Flynn. He was targeted and gagged for a reason. [Deep State] pain is coming!

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The event is failing. States are now opening up. People are taking to the streets. Now here comes the storm. The FISA will kick it all off. Flynn will be exonerated. Mueller’s team has no case. They made it up. Tick tock. Once this shot is heard, those [knowingly] who tried to remove POTUS will be brought up on charges for treason. It has begun. More from the X22 Report.

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Today we take a journey through the case against Michael Flynn, or rather, why the Deep State would want to create one. His exoneration will begin the FLOOD we have been waiting for!!! More from RedPill78.

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Praying Medic Dave Hayes joins the SGTReport to discuss Qanon, a topic about which he has written a new book titled Calm Before the Storm. In this interview, SGTReport presses Dave on the Trillions of Dollars in stimulus and the unaccountable criminal banks and corporate interests that are getting most of that money… Dave says that’s “a stone in my shoe.” Let the fireworks begin.
And let’s pray that Dave is right.

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Storm Picking Up Speed

The Storm is beginning to rage and picking up speed. Arrests are on the horizon. Dave Hayes joins the X22 Report. Hayes is better known by his handle: Praying Medic.

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Trump’s Acquittal Counter Offensive Has Pushed Democrats PANIC To The Limit, They Are About To Break. Now that Trump has been acquitted in the impeachment trial he has begun his counter moves.

Vindman, His Brother, and Gordon Sondland have all been “fired.” In the case of the Vindman brothers they were abruptly escorted out of the White House just the other day. Following Trump’s move many media personalities and Democratic commentators threw a fit calling this the “Friday Night M**sacre” in reference to Richard Nixon’s downward spiral just before his resignation.

But in this instance it’s Trump’s victory. He won on impeachment and was acquitted, he won the emoluments lawsuit (one of them so far), and now he is removing staff with what he says is insubordination. These people serve at the pleasure of the duly elected president and to suggest that Trump can’t fire people is absurd.

But while this is going on Nancy Pelosi is facing a fierce backlash to tearing up Trump’s speech, Republicans are pressing an investigation into Hunter Biden, and the Democrats are embroiled in election scandals in Iowa. The Democrats are in freefall while Trump keeps winning. The panic is palpable and Trump is pushing it to the limit. More from Tim Pool.

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NewQ!!! He ordered pizza!!! Ye Olde Newspaper: Third Eye!!! Panic X 100!!!  More from McAllister TV.

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